The brightness and durability of the LED lights make them absolutely ideal for festive decoration. All you need is to make sure that you have made a perfect arrangement to notch up a visually appealing festive decor 

While illuminating your living space and the commercial arenas, LED lights add a festive charm with its sheer versatility. As a domestic LED lighting solutionthese lights can deck up your interiors and outdoors at equal élan. For festive decoration, these are considered ideal due to their bright, optimum and colourful illumination. However, to notch up a perfect light decor, you must know how to arrange the lights. Here’s how a perfect arrangement can amp up the festive charm in your living space.

  • Decorated Doors and Windows:
    The concept of ornamented doors and windows with LED lights is quite common nowadays, but for a classy touch, install LED curtains. Such a decoration adds a subtle touch of festivity to your home decoration plan. Ornamented home and window frames not just create a different look, but also keep everything minimalist. For decoration, you can surround the edges with LED cove lights or can twist the strips if you want to decorate a corner space with light. Cover the outdoor frames with colour changing lights for a graceful appearance. Make sure that the entire arrangement becomes a perfect visual treat.

  • Chandelier in a Spacious Balcony

Chandeliers are widely being used as home decor items but dressing it up with beautiful LED candles perk up its elegance even more. Chandeliers are generally highly decorative. Featuring a cascade of crystals flowing from the ceiling talks about a refined yet fabulous festive decoration. If there’s a space crunch in your balcony and still you want to incorporate a chandelier, opt for the smaller varieties of chandeliers, popularly known as mini chandeliers or chandelettes. Chandeliers fitted with LED lights bring glitz to any size balcony and grand entryways during the festival days.

  • Create a LED Ball
    Unlike the traditional lanterns and other conventional fixtures, quirky LED balls are gaining maximum popularity. Even for the festive evenings, such kind of quirky designs add an extra pizzazz. Nothing can beat these LED balls when it comes to adding a vibrant glow to your space. LED balls can dress up a nondescript interior in the most charming way. Attach a flexible light strip onto a spherical ball that rotates or stay still. It will also help the ball to keep in place.

  • Embellished Trees and Plants
    Colourful mini LED bulbs can make a wonderful decor arrangement when placed on household trees and plants. If there’s a beautiful garden in front of your house, it’s even better. Fetch LED strings and decorate the garden with it. Also, you can hang miniature lanterns from the tree. For a traditional set up, place a big lamp as a centrepiece of your indoor garden, so that it can illuminate the entire garden. What’s more interesting is you can also place small LED lights anywhere in and around the garden.

  • What Makes the LED Lights Different?
    Unlike the conventional tungsten bulbs, which are commonly used for festive decoration, LED bulbs are way better alternative considering their energy-efficiency and the brightest illumination. Quite obviously, it lessens your carbon footprint. Moreover, the reduced energy consumption helps fighting against the alarming problem of global warming.