Lighting arrangement plays a crucial role when it comes to residential interior decoration for creating the right mood and adjusting the right ambience of spaces. Here, the purpose of concealed lighting in home decor is accentuating textures and draw attention to the right areas. These lights are designed to improve the aesthetics of any room and also very effective for a uniform spread of light.

Concealed LED lighting in India

If you are planning to install concealed lighting at your home, make sure it is well hidden from every possible angle. This unique placement allows them to highlight the dramatic architectural features in the room. Concealed lights from Nordusk come with strong ‘peel-and-stick’ adhesive backing which makes it very easy to paste it anywhere. But understanding the purpose and placement of concealed lighting needs some guidance. Here we tell you how you should utilize it to glam up your home:

1. Create a less intense atmosphere:

Indirect lighting is always great as it is less intense, creates a cosy vibe and also eliminates the need for ceiling lighting which can directly shine into your eyes. Concealed lighting can be installed in bookshelves to highlight the place, above the accent wall for easier night time read without illuminating the whole room or beneath the bed for a subtle and aesthetic look and feel.

Nordusk LED

2. Illuminate just where you need:

The placement of light is very important as it is influenced by your personal choice and lifestyle. Do you like to read a book or prefer to watch a video from a bright screen before going to bed? Different activities need different intensity and colour temperature in the bedroom. In other rooms too, decide what features you want to highlight and decide according to that.

Nordusk LED

3. Go for layered lighting:

Some spaces at home need proper illumination to navigate things and also be easy on the eyes. This purpose can be served by ambient lighting. But more people are searching for concealed lighting prices in Kolkata as the recent trend of home decor is to create the scope of layered lighting. It can allow you to position a focused, downward-facing beam from an apparently invisible source. Under cabinet lights in the kitchen to focus on the food items or spices, lights above false ceilings or table lamps can be the source of hidden lights that can glam up the room.

Nordusk LED lights

4. Highlighting certain features:

For a soft warm look, LED candles in India are hugely popular. But now concealed lighting are also adopted for a warm and cosy look highlighting the particular features of a room. Well-lit shelves or lights above some painting or family photos look good in modern homes.

LED Candles

5. Add some drama:

If you want to add some drama and character to your home - concealed ground lights, in-floor lights always end up being the showstoppers of the place. Highlighting pathways, special architectural features or just creating a smart focal point with dramatic brilliance - concealed lights can turn any mundane room into a picturesque space.