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Impact of LED Light on Indian Economy

Author: Nordusk
Sep 19, 2017

LED has been in the market for long. However, in a developing economy such as that of India, the use of LED lights by the general population is yet to become a popular trend. The Government has stepped up for the task with the latest project aiming towards changing 77 crores light bulbs and 3.5 crores conventional street lights and replacing them with the LED lights.

The mammoth LED task

The plan to change conventional lights with LED is no doubt a welcoming effort. However, given the expanse of the country and the huge population, there is no doubt that this is going to be one mammoth task in front of the Government. The challenge is quite steep, especially with LED lights still costing at least about 10 times that of the conventional lights. It will need proper planning and effective execution to make this a reality and to meet the target by March, 2019.

Growth of LED Lights Worldwide

Author: Nordusk
Sep 26, 2017

According to a recent analysis of LED Inside, the market of LED lighting solution is expected to grow in leaps and bounds in the next few years. Statistics reveal that the LED market scale has increased by 14% in this year compared to 2016 and the scenario makes it quite obvious that the same will increase massively in the future. With LED lighting technology gradually taking hold, the prices of LED lights are also expected to drop gradually. It’s been expected that by 2020, the estimated market size is going to surpass USD 1 billion.

Present State of the LED Market Solution

Recent statistical data clearly supports the pivotal position of LED technology in the global lighting market. Over the past few years, it’s being monitored on a regular basis that the usage of LED light in the residential architectural and outdoor setting has increased considerably. However, outdoor LED lighting is gaining a quick popularity compared to the others.

Incandescent Vs. CFL Vs. LED

Author: Nordusk
Nov 24, 2017

Incandescent 11

As the LED bulbs of modern technology has come to the scene, the CFL and incandescent bulbs have apparently lost their market. Here’s a comparative look at three alternatives. 

How Do We Save Money With LED?

Author: Nordusk
Nov 24, 2017

LED lighting solutions have arrived as a really amazing solution in the recent times. It’s cost –saving as well as good for health.  Here’s a look into the benefits LED have to offer.  

Go1When it comes to Christmas decoration, LED lights are simply great. Read this blog to know how you can plan a wonderful decoration this Christmas while going green. 

LED lights not only impact the aesthetics, but also help in making any space contemporary and stylish. Choose from the wide-variety of indoor and outdoor LED lights to achieve your decoration goals.

Buying Guide of LED Strip Lights

Author: Nordusk
Jan 18, 2018

Several factors are taken into account while choosing the right kind of LED lights for your interiors.Read this buying guide to know what exactly comes into play while buying LED strip lights.

How to Use Track Lights for Your Interiors

Author: Nordusk
Jan 18, 2018

HowIn terms of usage as well as the design options, LED track lights are quite versatile. These are used in study, a kitchen as well as in a hallway. Even in the living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, these lights add a contemporary touch. Read this blog to know their variety of usage.

Benefits of using LED Flood Lights

Author: Nordusk
Mar 05, 2018

LED flood lights are offering exceptional alternative to the CFL and incandescent counterparts, when it comes to illuminate a large area. Read this blog to know the benefits of using these.

Designed specifically for the high ceilings and large areas, LED Highbay lights are being extensively used in the commercial and industrial environment. In places like factories, warehouses, auditoriums etc, LED high-bay lights are considered as the best lighting option. Unlike the traditional lighting fixtures, these are so perfectly designed that they can illuminate a wide area from a significant height without creating any trouble. Typically, high-bay lights are appropriate for the ceilings with height ranging between 20 to 25 feet or more.

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