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As Saraswati puja is just around the corner, you must be pretty busy with the decorations and designs. You must be looking forward to creating an impressive and unique environment in your room. In West Bengal, we call it Saraswati Puja while the other parts of India celebrate it as Vasant Panchami festival. Celebrated on the 5th day of spring, people all over especially in Bengal celebrate this festival with zeal. Visiting Kolkata during this time will give you an absolutely different picture as a whole. Artistic pandal designs and beautiful decoration of lights are sure to make you crazy. You will simply go gaga over the amazing themes and designs coming from the creative minds.

Nordusk Saraswati Puja

LED Bulbs - A Perfect Holiday Gift

Author: Nordusk
Feb 12, 2019

Buying someone a light bulb as a holiday gift may sound a bit odd but what if the light bulb is an LED? Consider from this point of view. LED bulbs are one such gift that’s not actually seasonal and will keep on giving you the benefits for years. Not only they will save your loved one’s hard earned money, but also LED bulbs will illuminate their life with an out of the world brightness round the year.

Light Bank price in kolkata

Choose LED Downlights for Your Residential Use

Author: Nordusk
Apr 05, 2019

LED downlights by Nordusk

How LED Light Banks Can Improve Your Life?

Author: Nordusk
Apr 08, 2019

Light Bank

Create the Mood With Dimming Lights

Author: Nordusk
Feb 07, 2019

To enhance the look of your home all you need is proper lighting. Always look for a light that can effortlessly notch up the right atmosphere inside your house anytime. If you are looking for brightness and cozy and dim lighting options at the same time, then nothing can beat the LED lights. For a simple yet beautiful ambiance at your home, bring in the dimmable LED lights.

LED Dimming bulb Prices

By now, we have learnt how useful LED lights are and how much it is responsible to make this world a beautiful place to live in. We all are aware of the slogans, posters, news and stories on saving our earth. The aim is to reduce the amount of waste and carbon footprint in all possible ways. LED lights in any form will help you achieve the best level of brightness in the most cost-effective rates. These would reduce energy consumption, thus, proving beneficial to the environment.


Summary: This post talks about the use of LED lights that helps in making your bathroom look larger and spacious. Some of the ideas include installing flush mount ceiling lights, using mirror lights, lighting up the areas near bathroom cabinets and so on.

The brightness and durability of the LED lights make them absolutely ideal for festive decoration. All you need is to make sure that you have made a perfect arrangement to notch up a visually appealing festive decor 

Among the many different variations of LED lights that are available in the market, ceiling lights have garnered huge popularity. Why? In the first place, they accentuate your interiors, offering it the optimum brightness and a chic brilliance, secondly, the ceiling lights itself are the décor items.

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