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It is no secret that LEDs are the preferred lighting source because of their brighter lighting and lasting life. But are you aware of the positive impact you would create on the environment by switching to LED lights?

Can LED Lights Be Custom Made To Your Space

Author: Nordusk
Apr 14, 2021

Gone are the days when lighting in a house was meant for illumination alone. Now, starting from college students to professional interior designers, everyone uses different colours, intensities and models of lights to amp up the ambiance of a room. While the concept of a ‘customised light’ isn’t really a thing, given the vast range of LED lights, from simple strip lights to large reading lights and even stadium lights; you can customise it to your needs.

Living in an apartment often means accepting it with everything it came with, especially if it is a rental. What could you possibly change other than may be a few curtains? Well, that’s where you are wrong. Making a decision to update your apartment lighting to LED lights can be a game-changer and your road to changing the apartment from house to home.

Wrong information stops us from making the right decisions and equally true is the fact that false information reaches people faster and more effectively than right information! Whether it is health tips, politics or even basic science. LED lights are no exception to this. There are so many myths that people have come to believe about LED lights that they just deprive themselves of bright lights, savings and contributing to making the earth cleaner and greener!

The first step to following any TikTok/ Insta Reels room renovation video is getting an LED strip light. LED strip lights are gaining popularity mostly because of their ability to give a room a boost from boring and mundane to happening and lively.  But LED lights aren’t just for 20 something year olds looking to upgrade their college dorms.

Can you imagine a world without lights? It might be quite hard to even imagine something like that because we have been blessed with electric lights for so long that we often take it for granted. Lights have become an all too common online purchase much like everything else. A click here, an add to cart there and that’s all. But a lot of times people are disappointed with what they buy and what they end up with. Here’s a guide with do’s and don’t to make your online lighting products shopping hassle-free and smooth.

Why Do You Need to Invest in LED Downlights?

Author: Nordusk
Mar 11, 2021

Remember those days when your electricity bill would leave a big hole in your pocket? Thanks to LED lighting, you don’t have to burn your pockets anymore. Technology has proven to be beneficial for everyone, including the environment. To make things better, there are a variety of LED fixtures available in the market today. Whether you are looking to light up your outdoor space or indoor spaces, you will find just the light bulb for each area. In recent times, LED downlights have grown in popularity, be it commercial LED downlights or domestic. To know how LED downlights are better and why you need to invest in them, continue reading.

All women are asked to leave college or their workplace before it turns dark. If a woman is out late, be it for work or just catching up with friends, there are a zillion things that are running in her mind to ensure she reaches home safe and sound. From keeping family and friends’ numbers on speed dial, to dressing appropriately and waiting for the cab at a well-lit place, to not stepping out alone at night. Freedom comes at a cost for women. But how can this change? How can public spaces like parks, bus stops, sidewalks, beaches, and libraries be a place where women can head out without having the constant fear that things can go wrong?!

What are the best light bulbs for the office?

Author: Nordusk
Feb 22, 2021

Coffee? Walks? Light lunch? Still feeling lazy at work? Well, did you know that LED lighting has a big impact on the productivity and alertness at work? Yes, you read that right. Picking the right lights are crucial to boosting productivity, picking harsh or extremely bright lights can tire the eyes, while dim lights can make you feel lethargic.

Bored with your dull and not so functional bedroom? It is time to make some changes that will not only provide functionality but will instantly make your bedroom look like a piece of art.

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