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Can you believe it is December already? It is that time of the year, again! Everywhere you go, you’ll feel the Christmas spirit, with carol singing, gingerbread cookies, plum cake, wine, Christmas tree and lights all around. Want to bring some Christmas cheer in your home as well? Then here are 5 ways that will help you bring in the festive mood with LED lights

Every room is different from the other for the reason being each room has a contrasting purpose and needs to be decorated accordingly. For instance, your bedroom is where you spend your time to relax or transition to have a good night’s sleep, so, it would require to have the type of lights that will help achieve just that. Choosing the right lighting for each room is more than just picking the exact watt LED bulb. It is not just sprinting into the shop to buy the most stylish light you fancy for your room. Choosing the right lighting for your space needs some thought. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right LED light for each room.

Why is Good Lighting in the Workplace Vital?

Author: Nordusk
Nov 30, 2020

Lighting is one of the many things that can affect your mood. That’s not all, lightning can affect your health, productivity and creativity as well. Many studies have shown that light can help you transition from a long tiring day to feeling relaxed. It can trigger your brain to stay more alert and help you be more productive throughout the day. Since everyone spends 8 hours or more at the office, proper thought should be put into incorporating the right lighting at the workspace. With so many lights and fixture options available in the market, it is tough to decide which one would work best for your workspace. Continue reading to understand the right light for the workplace.


Everyone loves decorating their home. Isn’t it? Expensive furniture, stylish decorative items and so on. But no matter how well you decorate your home, if the lighting in the house is unflattering, then all your money and time go in vain. Adding the right lighting in your home instantly brightens up space and enhances the appearance of the room. Hence, it is vital to put in thought while choosing the perfect lighting for your home. If you are one of those who loves a warm, soft and cosy vibe going on, then you should consider buying COVE lighting for your space. Here’s how you can decorate your home with cove lights.

Lighting has an immense effect on everyone’s mood, be it natural or artificial lighting. For instance, on a rainy day, when the skies are grey and there is lack of sunlight, you tend to feel sleepy and lethargic. On the other hand, a bright sunny day will usually make you feel pumped up and ready to conquer the world. Likewise, the lighting of the room can change your mood as well. Mood Lighting helps enhance the space you’re in and boosts your mood. Appropriate lighting helps improve one’s mood and energy levels, whereas poor lighting has the opposite effect. Mood lighting is not mere décor in your home and has a significant role in your interior plan. 

Know more about why mood lighting is completely worth it.

Defines Your Space: When designing your space, the placement and types of lights used in your home should capture your attention effectively to add definition to the area. Softer lighting acts as a complement by adding dramatic highlights that enhance the space. For instance, placing LED strip lights between corners, under the furniture or behind photo frames can have a considerable effect in your room whilst adding a touch of simple sophistication.

Why Every Home Needs a Night Light

Author: Nordusk
Oct 26, 2020

After a hectic day, all you want to do is crawl into bed and have a good night’s sleep. There’s nothing that can be compared to waking up feeling completely rested. But what about when you wake up in the middle of the night with sudden hunger pangs or the need to visit the loo? 

That perfect feeling of restfulness is disrupted because of bumping into obstacles and stumbling around with half opened eyes in the dark.

Lights are the main essence of every home. Be it day or night, a well-lit home imparts positivity and various other advantages. Even at bedtime when all the lights are turned off, a night light can help you watch out for obstacles and move freely. Apart from better visibility, here are some more reasons why every home needs a night light.

The Science Behind Good Lighting

Author: Nordusk
Oct 21, 2020

Lighting is the most important part of any space, be it for domestic use, commercial purposes, or industrial use. It not only affects vision and décor but also elevates mood and spirits. It is therefore very important to give due consideration to the type and placement of lighting depending on how space is being used. Lighting also affects the colours in a room. 

Imagine, it’s a cold winter’s night, you’re cuddled up with a hot cup of coffee, a nice book or maybe a cute little rom-com. We bet you thought of a cosy little nook with warm lights? Well, of course. Whether you want that quaint rustic charm or that upscale minimalistic vibe, you can’t go wrong with strip lights. 

Read this blog to know how you can use strip lights in your space to make it look uber-sophisticated. Rope lights, as the name suggests, are small lights put together in a jacket which looks like a rope of light. This type of lighting is usually used as decorative pieces and adds a hint of light in addition to making the space look really cool. They are easy to install and work with, and are therefore perfect for DIY interior décor projects at home. They are available in a variety of sizes, colours and luminosity. They add a soft glow to the room and are very popular in interior décor.

How much light is too much light for a room? Lighting is an incredibly important part of home décor. Every room at our home serves different purposes. So, the lighting requirement of each room differs from the others depending on the activities and tasks performed there. When it comes to choosing proper light for a room, it needs to be not just aesthetically appealing, but functional too. LED lighting is known for its immense variety and there are different options of lamps and luminaries to provide the perfect illumination into your interior.

LED Lighting Guide To Deck Up Each Room In Your Home Interior

The popularity of track lighting is mainly due to its versatility and flexibility. It is a lighting fixture where a collection of small lamps arranged in a line and the system can be mounted to a ceiling or wall. The individual lamps in the track are spaced out at intervals where they can either all face the same direction or some can be turned to point in different directions as per your wish. The lighting system looks stylish, extremely functional and very easy to install which is great when it comes to rearranging a space because the position of the lamps is so easily adaptable.

LED Tracklight

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