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Though lighting arrangement is always an afterthought when it comes to interior decoration, but a little planning can do the wonders. But, hardly could we think of something beyond the fluorescent tube lights while planning the lighting scheme. True that the fluorescent tube lights are offering affordable lighting solution for the residential as well as the commercial arena for quite some time. 

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Urban dwellers usually don’t have the luxury to enjoy the bliss of an elaborate balcony. In most apartments, balconies are relatively small, and it’s hard to find proper furniture and decor for it. But we cannot leave our balconies to remain boring, right?

LED Lights

Do Your Part For Environment! Switch to LED

Author: Nordusk
Apr 22, 2020

Can you remember that one thing you are diligently doing to keep your environment safe? Well, most of us can’t as, ideally speaking we don’t do anything significant to keep our environment safe.   From deforestation to unapologetically contributing towards pollution, we do everything to pose the greatest threat to our earth.  But, it is high time that we give it a thought and come forward to do our part.  And we can start this right from our home by switching to indoor LED lights.

Indoor LED Lights

The concept of Smart City is getting more and more recognized. It can be referred to the initiatives to make urban areas more livable and truly sustainable. It is the solution driven approach where emerging technologies work together to improve the infrastructure without hurting the environment. Street lighting is a core infrastructure for mounting smart city systems and LED street lights offer the opportunity to build upon a connected, efficient and secure city lighting network.

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Be at Home & Beat the Corona Scare

Author: Nordusk
Mar 26, 2020

The 8pm suspense is out and here we are, looking towards a 21 days lockdown! Even though your heart beats a little faster every time you check the latest figure of positive cases, you are ready for the war ahead. You have your food stocked and your drinks stored. And, just so that there is no way for boredom to creep in, you have your watchlist ready. Or, you are probably one of the book lovers who finally has the chance to wipe the dust off the covers that have been waiting for too long a time! And, are we not all a little foodie within? So, those recipe videos are all saved in the watchlist as well. The quarantine cannot beat your spirit! You are ready for it.


Whatever we do, we must always keep in mind that our child’s playroom must look creative in every possible ways. Their very own space should inspire learning, but ensure that the decoration isn’t dull and dreary. You must known that kids love the creative environment that emulates fun and entertainment. So, it’s crucial to pick the appropriate lighting for your kid’s room.

Indoor LED Lights

Pep Up Your Interiors With LED Lights

Author: Test test
Mar 02, 2020

Few months back, while looking for the ideal indoor lighting options for my new apartment, some of my close buddies told me about LED lights.  Well, like every users,  I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning. Moreover, the efficient service of the incandescent lights so far was adding to my confusion more.  At a point of time,  I was  pretty reluctant to use other  alternatives.

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Design A Beautiful Landscape with LED Lights

Author: Nordusk
Feb 25, 2020

LED lighting continues to be a top trend these days due to its multiple applications. From indoor to outdoors, from residential to commercial, LED lights have wide ranging usage in every place. Even for landscape designing, homeowners are now opting for LED solutions. Though low-voltage lighting is a traditional favourite, LEDs have come up with their own distinct range of benefits. With increasing energy bills every day, you simply can’t resist an energy-efficient option and countless design possibilities. 


Design An Ergonomic Workplace With LED Battens

Author: Nordusk
Feb 19, 2020

When it comes to creating a convenient and ergonomic workplace, lighting arrangement plays a key role to accomplish your goals. Appropriate lighting is not about brightness only. Rather, lighting arrangement in an office should positively impact the workforce productivity and at the same time, improves the workplace design.

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What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you heard about eco-friendly living? Well, most of the time our ideas are limited to the increased use of recycled products. But, hardly do we think about reducing carbon footprints that are produced from our indoor lighting. Studies reveal that CFL and incandescent lights that we mostly use in households produce loads of carbon wastes which affect environment as well as increases energy bills

Indoor LED Lighting

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