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Design An Ergonomic Workplace With LED Battens

Author: Nordusk
Feb 19, 2020

When it comes to creating a convenient and ergonomic workplace, lighting arrangement plays a key role to accomplish your goals. Appropriate lighting is not about brightness only. Rather, lighting arrangement in an office should positively impact the workforce productivity and at the same time, improves the workplace design.

Nordusk LED Battens

What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you heard about eco-friendly living? Well, most of the time our ideas are limited to the increased use of recycled products. But, hardly do we think about reducing carbon footprints that are produced from our indoor lighting. Studies reveal that CFL and incandescent lights that we mostly use in households produce loads of carbon wastes which affect environment as well as increases energy bills

Indoor LED Lighting

How LEDs are revolutionizing lighting sector?

Author: Nordusk
Oct 23, 2019

The adaption of LED lights has led to a revolution in the lighting market Driven by energy conservation initiatives, rising consumer awareness about energy-efficient products and innovative product offerings in sync with the megatrend of digitization, Indian lighting industry is evolving rapidly and shifting from conventional bulbs to LEDs.

How LEDs are revolutionizing lighting sector?

Lighting arrangement is one of the primary considerations in the commercial arenas. Proper lighting not only saves money, but also operates more efficiently thereby providing brightest illumination for an extended phase. Quite obviously, commercial LED lights are increasingly growing in terms of popularity. Commercial LED lights not only reduce energy bills, but also result in environmental benefits by cutting down carbon wastes.

Commercial LED Lights

Here’s how the application of LED lights in the commercial sectors fetch maximum benefits.

While the incessant downpours are constantly reminding you of the gloomy surroundings, you can always get some happy vibe right in your home. All you will need is the right kind of lighting. It’s all about creating an ambiance, and with LED lights in the scene, you can easily accomplish the decor drama successfully.

Indoor LED Lights

Why It Is Time To Switch To LED Battens

Author: Nordusk
Sep 09, 2019

Are the flickering tube lights getting on your nerves? And, you are looking for a way out to get rid of this? Well, the answer is right here. Nordusk LED brings you an awesome range of LED battens that offer bright, flicker free, uniform lighting output and that too with a much lesser power consumption. Past few years have witnessed the surging popularity of the LED lights in the domestic as well as in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Why It Is Time To Switch To LED Battens

Several factors distinguish commercial and residential lighting system.Commercial lighting includes lighting for all types of business and public spaces including hotels, restaurants, warehouses, schools, streets, bridges, shopping malls, retail stores etc. On the other hand, residential lighting is all about the lights that we use inside and outside our homes. The primary difference between the two lighting systems is their purpose and functionality.

Nordusk LED

Types of LED lights you must have in your home

Author: Nordusk
Aug 12, 2019

LEDs are emerging out as a reliable and eco-friendly lighting solution. Since its inception, LED has advanced itself in different ways to rack up the needs of the customers from different eras. The fluorescent bulbs and CFL lights do more harm than good. With the rising issue of global warming, we are in need of an eco-friendly switch. That’s why we have adopted eco-friendly LED lights over high power consuming CFLs.

Nordusk LED

How To Choose Lighting For Your Study Room

Author: Nordusk
Aug 09, 2019

Well, reading is fun but definitely not in the poor lighting. It’s not always about excessively dim illumination or something too bright. Believe it or not, even too much brightness is annoying at times, especially when you try to concentrate on your studies. Hence, it’s important that you choose appropriate lighting for your study room. With the arrival of LED bulbs and lights, finding an appropriate light for study room is no more a big deal. Here’s how to accomplish lighting arrangement in your study room.

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Advantages of LED Street Lights

Author: Nordusk
Aug 08, 2019

From residential space to the commercial sectors, LED lights are foraying into the market over the past few years. Even as a street lighting option, LED lights have widespread popularity. Bright, luminous, eco friendly LED lights are becoming a mainstream lighting option these days. And why not? They consume so little energy and demands significantly lower maintenance. Moreover, they last for years, which eliminate the requirements of frequent replacement.

But, these are not the only things that make LED Street lights popular. Here’s a look into the major advantages of illuminating streets with LED luminaries.

LED Street Lights

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