How are you planning to decorate your restaurant this winter? Any plans yet? If not we are here to find you with the right tips. Why don’t you plan the decoration with LED lights? LED or as we all know light emitting diode lighting has become quite popular globally because of its advantages. When compared to the incandescent lamps, LEDs come with the finest features which include long lifetime, robustness, energy efficiency, good temporal stability etc.

LED Lights

So, if you are really looking forward to making your restaurant stand out from the rest then here are some interesting DIY (Do it Yourself) tips for you as follows:

LED Lights

When the season is winter, it is obvious that people would prefer staying indoors keeping them busy watching movies or cooking food at home. You might have heard people saying that they just feel tired to come out during this time of the year. Now, you have to find out ideas to draw their attention to your restaurant. Give your guests every reason to dine happily at your restaurant this winter. Not just the food but make the restaurant look pretty and presentable.  


Add Festive Flare To Your Restaurant

Pick up a spot where you would love to hang your street lights, but make sure you identify a feasible power source. Do, arrange for a handy outdoor extension cord if there is no exterior power outlet.

Measure the length and roughly choose the light configuration as well. Before you purchase the string lights, use a tape measure along the distance where you plan to set up the lights which may include any crisscrosses or zigzags.   

Now, when choosing a place, adding a little fun in form of lights to the restaurant’s patio or deck will be interesting. There are different types of LED lights available online to help you get the decoration done. Some of them include Led Ip65 Strip lights, Led candles, Led bulbs and so on. 

Hang Lights On A Deck

Determine how many posts are there in your restaurant from where you can hang the lights. Say, for example, for two posts, put one on each but maintain a decent distance. This would actually help you attach hooks to both the posts and the house.

Stain or paint the posts to match the deck. Allow the same to dry.

With the help of wooden screws try and attach each of the posts to the back of your restaurant’s deck.

On top of the posts, screw a hook.

When you hang the strings of lights make sure you drape the strings across the hooks well so that the same doesn’t fall.

If you find that you are left with a few feet of lights and it cannot be hung as already the last hook has been utilized then just leave it as it is and it won’t look bad.

You need not worry about the availability of the LED street lights, as they are accessible online. 

Now, when you are looking to buy LED bulbs online, choosing Nordusk LED will be the right solution. The lights available here have high luminous efficacy, come with color options, offer changeable colors from the same source, offer glare-free lighting, offer up to 80% energy savings, offer longer lifespan and so on.