How time flies! Here you are wrapped up in your blanket or wearing that favourite oversized sweater to keep you warm, and just like that summer will swoop in! Soon your house parties will move from indoors to outdoor spaces, and everyone knows what they need when it comes to outdoor parties. Don’t they? It is always good food, lovely people and great lighting. Even now, when social distancing is the norm, and parties aren’t as crowded as they used to be, one still looks forward to them. If not a party, just the idea of hanging out with family and friends or sitting on the porch and reading well into the evening are visuals that keep us going!


Investing in good outdoor lights Here are a few advantages of LED lights in an outdoor space.



Brighter and Easy to Direct: With indoor spaces, you have a certain amount of space that needs to be filled with light, but that’s not the same case with outdoor spaces. There is so much space that needs to be filled up with proper lighting, and the traditional CFL lights won’t be able to do justice to the outdoor space. LED lights are way brighter than CFL or incandescent lights and instantly lights up any area. If you are looking for more light, you choose a 3-up star LED light that provides triple the light within the same footprint.

Also, LED lights emit light for only 180 degrees, whereas other types of lights emit light for 360 degrees. This means that the LED lights can provide the light where it is focused, unlike the traditional lights that emit light everywhere, allowing it to provide less light on the desired area, in which case, a reflector will be required.

Energy Saving: Most of the conventional lights used produced more heat than light. CFL and other types of lights used 90% of the electricity consumed to transform into heat. The heat produced would become a strain on the wiring and burn out frequently. However, this is not the case with LED lights because the technology used in LED allows transforming the electricity into light and nothing else. No waste and comprehensive use of the energy consumed.

Longer Lifespan: When buying lights, you would want them to last long enough and not have to visit the store again a few days later. That’s the beauty of LED lights. The average lifespan of LED lights is approximately 50,000 to 100,000 operating hours, meaning less burnouts. In an outdoor space, not only do you need the lights to last longer, but also withstand the weather conditions!



Cost-Effective: Lighting up an outdoor area could cost a lot. When you think of outdoor lighting, you instantly start worrying about what it is going to cost you. With LED lights, you don’t have to worry about your bill. LEDs are a very cost-effective option in general because it is energy efficient and offers a longer lifespan. When you use LED lights, you will be able to save yourself from the big-fat electricity bills. 


Wide Range: Don't you want to play around with different styles and colours of lights? LED lights offer a variety of styles, sizes and types. You can choose from a range of products to style your outdoor space to exactly how you want it to look like. From rope or strip lights that could light up the pathway to track lights and zoom lights. There are a variety of options for outdoor spaces.

Nordusk, the leading LED brand in India, has a range of LED lights to choose from that will brighten up your outdoor space, creating a very cosy and giving a welcoming tone to the area. Our LED lights are suitable for harsh weather conditions, they come with two years of warranty, more colour options and up to 80% energy saving. Nordusk LED lights come with high efficiency LED chips such as Epistar, Nationstar and Bridgelux. A high-quality glare-free diffuser is used, with high lumen output. Check out our products now and shop for the lights that best suit your style and space.