IdeaWhat isn’t good about LED rope lights?? Almost everything. When it comes to glamming up your home, LED rope lights are definitely the best options you should go for.


Be it adding more color to your bedroom or more dimension to your living room, LED rope lights are something you should go for. Not only that, LED rope lights can even lit up your party. It is affordable, easily available and hassle free when it comes to its installation technique.

Here are a few awesome ideas to decorate your home with LED rope lights.

  1. You can wind it around the railings of your balcony to make it more welcoming to the people.
  2. You can use it as an item for decoration on special occasions.
  3. For all those who spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom, you can turn your regular and boring space into a captivating one by wrapping these LED rope lights around your mirror or bathroom cabinets.
  4. You can also use these 50 metre LED rope lights to lit up the darker corners of your bedroom or to decorate any art work or may be a show piece.
  5. Create any kind of pattern with these LED rope lights in your bedroom to give it a dreamy appearance. You can also create a headboard for your bed of any shape and size you want. You can also just hang these rope lights to make some twinkling draperies.
  6. You can simply hang these rope lights from a nail hammered in the wall to the other and hide the flaws that are there in the space.
  7. If you have a pitched roof or an attic bedroom then just fix these rope lights on the ceilings. This would add lots of meaning to your room and would definitely enhance the beauty of it.
  8. You can even create some custom messages, drawings or your favourite patterns on the wall of a boring and gloomy room with the LED Rope Lights just to make it look pretty and ooze a cozy vibe. This will be a great idea!

If you are worried about from where you are going to get hold of these lights, buying them online will be the best option! The wide range of Nordusk LED bulbs are available online with different color options. So go and grab your favourite lights. Lit up your house as well as your moods!