The 8pm suspense is out and here we are, looking towards a 21 days lockdown! Even though your heart beats a little faster every time you check the latest figure of positive cases, you are ready for the war ahead. You have your food stocked and your drinks stored. And, just so that there is no way for boredom to creep in, you have your watchlist ready. Or, you are probably one of the book lovers who finally has the chance to wipe the dust off the covers that have been waiting for too long a time! And, are we not all a little foodie within? So, those recipe videos are all saved in the watchlist as well. The quarantine cannot beat your spirit! You are ready for it.


I Can’t Get The COVID-19; Or, Can I?

How many hours have passed since you set foot outside your house? You are probably thinking that 21 days of quarantine is going a little too overboard. Boredom seems to be creeping its way in, isn’t it? Do you really need to stay indoors for this long? You are not infected, after all. And, the roads are nearly deserted anyway. How can a little walk cause any harm? You got ready, wore the mask, and went out.

And, just as you were ready to turn back home, a person walked past you and sneezed. You froze!

The Necessity Of Lockdown

Yes, it is this easy to get the virus. It is this easy to get infected. A careless sneeze, a slight touch of the hands that were just over the mouth of someone carrying but not exhibiting any symptom, or, just placing your hands unknowingly on something that another infected person touched, may be quite a few hours ago! And, all your precaution has failed. Now you are not just infected, but also a carrier yourself. Your friends are at risk, your family is at even greater risk. No matter if you show the symptoms or not, because you can start showing them even after 8 days. Or, your body might fight the virus off without any symptom at all. But, you have certainly played your part in infecting many others. And, you have become a part of the chain.

Make Your Home Quarantine Ready Today

So, why will you even do that? Why do you need to risk it at all? Your home can be easily made quarantine ready so that you don’t have to feel that bored. If that same glaring light is not something you want when you are watching your favorite movie, just get the Nordusk dimmable LED! You get to choose the luminosity. You get to set the mood at your home. Most importantly, you get to save electricity even while staying all day within the confines of your home.

Creating a quarantine ready home is not that difficult. Nordusk dimmable LED certainly will be a great choice. And, not just when you are binging on Netflix, but also when you wish to create a lovely romantic environment with your partner.

This fight is just beginning, but we are all in it together. And, together we can win it! Stay home, stay safe, and make the world a safer place. Break the chain and beat the Corona scare. It’s not that difficult, you see!