There was a time when working professionals had cute trinkets placed on their work stations to add a personal touch. Except now, the entire office space has moved home. People are now adding professional touches to their home to give it that ‘office vibe’.  Ever since working from home became the new normal, everyone has become enthusiastic about setting up a home office that looks like it is  straight out of a Pinterest moodboard. While creating a cute workspace is so important to keep you motivated, making it functional should also be a part of the game plan.

But how does one make their home office functional? The not-so-secret ingredient is a well-lit workspace. It instantly gives an inviting, and aesthetic sense to your workspace. To reduce eye strain and boost productivity levels, here are the best types of Nordusk lighting for your work from home space.

First things first, you have to layer the lights right to get the most out of your workspace. For that, your office space should combine Ambient, Task and Accent lighting. 

LED Battens: These are the best options to choose for ambient lighting. And the Nordusk battens are  the best option for your home office. The Nordusk LED battens are PC extrusion battens with an integrated driver. They come with a unique heat-sink design that keeps the batten’s temperature under control. They are efficient and provide up to 80% energy-saving, which is such a relief.

They offer uniform light output and come with an anti-flickering and shatterproof feature. These battens last longer than any other brand. There is a range of battens available at Nordusk that you can choose from to brighten up your home office. The Neptune Tritanium batten is available with a colour changing feature from the same source, that will help you stay focused and transition throughout the day. The three colours available are warm white, natural white and cool white. This T5 Tri-Colour Batten — Neptune Tritanium — is perfect for your workspace at home.

LED Bulbs: While picking the perfect light output for your workspace is very important, so is choosing the right task lighting. Certain tasks need more attention than others like reading, writing and working on your system for long hours. A lovely floor lamp, desk lamp or pendant light will turn your home office into a comfortable space and help reduce eye strain. In case you have a smaller desk to work on, then opt for a wall lamp. While these options are fine task lighting choices for your workspace, you should pay more attention to selecting the LED light bulbs. Experts recommend going with a combination of cooler and warmer light options to create a cohesive workspace. Nordusk’s tri-coloured bulbs — Nova Tri-Tanium — is the best choice to achieve that. You can change the lighting of your workspace to create the type of ambience you desire. 

Another great LED bulb you will find at Nordusk is the Nova Ultra — The ultimate dimming LED bulb. This dimming bulb can work perfectly fine with non-dimming circuits which work in your favour. This bulb lasts for around 25,000 hrs, and you can choose from a 15W and 20W bulb that will be perfect for your space.

LED Strip Lights: Last but not least, is the accent lighting. This type of lighting will help you add some drama to your home office. While there are tons of options to make your home office look trendy. You can go with track lights and strip lights from Nordusk to highlight particular areas of your home office. The LED strip lights come with a strong ‘peel-and-stick’ adhesive backing, making it super easy to install. You can install these under your storage cabinets or bookshelves above your desk. There is a range of hues like warm white, white, red and green that you can pick for your home office. If this is not something you think will fit well in your workspace, try the Nebula TL4, track lights. You can mount them on the wall or ceiling, and they last as long as 30,000 hrs.

With high-quality and functional furniture, soothing colours, practical storage and high-quality Nordusk work from home lighting, you can transform your home office into a welcoming and motivating space to work at every single day.