‘Work from home’ – the global outbreak of COVID-19 has induced the trend which is set to outlast the lockdown. This new remote work trend has given birth to many changes in the home interior too. Setting up home offices or little workstations is everyone’s new reality which is more than just placing a desk and laptop. 

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That’s why so many of us are starting to turn an unutilized nook or a cozy corner of our home into a home workspace. Efficient lighting forms an essential component for your workspace to avoid your home office becoming a place of easy distraction and restlessness.

Proper indoor LED Lighting always plays a pivotal role in defining spaces like the kitchen and the home office, where functionality is far more important than mere aesthetics. Poorly lit workspace can affect your mood and hurt your vision in the long run or cause headache especially if you are working for long hours. If your space is flooded with enough natural light, it’s a blessing. It’s way easier on your eyes and will also boost your mood and productivity. But we have to depend on artificial lights to work at night and they are important considering overall workspace illumination.

So, let us help you with simple steps to lighten up workplace where you’ll stay focussed:

  1. Consider light source:

Lighting is all about playing with angles and if done right, it can be as motivational as a strong cup of coffee. Consider where your light is coming from because a light source set behind you as you work on your computer can certainly create annoying glare on your monitor. It is good to position your desk sideways to a window so that sufficient daylight can illuminate the place without dazzling your eyes and you can stare into the distance – it will relax your eyes.

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  1. Have ambient lighting:

Basic bright lighting is needed for every space and ambient lighting is necessary in your home office too to get you motivated in the winter and on cloudy days. Illuminate the room evenly with ambient lighting via ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted fixtures. The overhead lighting can help fill in places that other sources of light seem to miss. However, do not work under the direct glare of overhead lights and look for ways to diffuse the ambient light. You can place lampshades to scatter and soften the harsh lights.

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  1. Go for task lighting:

Overhead lighting forms the most basic part of ambient lighting but it shouldn’t be the sole lighting source of your home office. Task lighting can create individual islands of light in the room and ensures that you get it done under the best possible illumination. This is highly recommended for home offices as it improves focus and reduces strain on the eyes. Choose dimmable LED lights online from Nordusk to control the intensity of the light while performing activities that need intense concentration.

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  1. Get creative with accent lighting:

While setting up your home office, think of layered lighting. Ambient light provides the base, the task lighting offers functionality and accent lighting is for the aesthetic aspects of the space. Lighting has a very important role to play to set up the right mood. Improve the visual character of your home office with accent lighting that will provide a smart and trendy look to your space. Have decorative pendant light above the desk or wall-mounted bracket lights or mount LED strip lights within the base of the cabinets to beautify your home office with a personal touch.

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