Gone are the days when lighting in a house was meant for illumination alone. Now, starting from college students to professional interior designers, everyone uses different colours, intensities and models of lights to amp up the ambiance of a room. While the concept of a ‘customised light’ isn’t really a thing, given the vast range of LED lights, from simple strip lights to large reading lights and even stadium lights; you can customise it to your needs.

Here are some of the interesting and unique ways in which you could use LED lights to customise your space. 

  1. Define random places: With the help of Nordusk LED strip lights, you can define places that don’t stand out. Using strip lights on cabinets, staircase, around mirrors, and any other place that you have a liking to in the room can take it to the next level.

  2. Highlight art: Highlighting certain artwork in your room with Nordusk Nebula spotlights can be a game-changer to perking up your room. Artwork that can be highlighted include paintings, wall-hangings, show pieces, writings/quotes on the wall.

  3. Custom lights for areas exclusive to certain activities: Now that work-from-home is the new norm, you are bound to have a corner in your house exclusively for it. Working requires a different kind of lighting when compared to, say, where you sleep. If you end up working in your bedroom, the lighting can be unflattering. Hence, bring changes to parts of your house according to what you use those areas for.

  4. Have optional lights for different moods: Using different kinds of LED lights like candles, battens, spotlights, striplights, and more like we have at Nordusk can be kept as an option to be used either only on a particular time of the day or even on days of celebration. 

With the massive amount of designs that are being launched in the world of LEDs, they can be used to customise your space according to your personality. College students using bright coloured LED strip lights to decorate their dorm room is a good example of this. It really helps bring in the idea of ‘a home’ to what was a mere room. 

Browse through Nordusk’s range of LED lights for all requirements you didn’t know you needed and bring in that much needed makeover to your home.