As Saraswati puja is just around the corner, you must be pretty busy with the decorations and designs. You must be looking forward to creating an impressive and unique environment in your room. In West Bengal, we call it Saraswati Puja while the other parts of India celebrate it as Vasant Panchami festival. Celebrated on the 5th day of spring, people all over especially in Bengal celebrate this festival with zeal. Visiting Kolkata during this time will give you an absolutely different picture as a whole. Artistic pandal designs and beautiful decoration of lights are sure to make you crazy. You will simply go gaga over the amazing themes and designs coming from the creative minds.

Nordusk Saraswati Puja

The Festive Fervor

Swarswati Maa is an embodiment of knowledge, wisdom and learning. Students are mostly encouraged to worship the deity because of the enlightening value she holds. Now, when it is the festive fever, it is obvious that you would like to jazz up your space. Considering the fact that in most Indian households, a puja room is a common element, it is obvious that Maa Saraswati will be residing there and you will not miss out decorating the space. Flaunt the aromatic candles, beautiful flowers and above all the LED lights to give your home a festive vibe. Now, when it comes to decorating a house for a festival, there will always be a huge number of ideas to make the space look beautiful and warm.

Light Up this Festival with LEDs

As lighting plays a significant part in setting the ambiance of a home, make your puja room appear more vibrant by decorating it with LED lights. Of course, there are a variety of lighting options available in the market, but make sure you choose the one that suits your home décor. Now, if you aim at minimizing the number of fixtures and maximizing the functionality then choosing LED panel lights will be the best. Such lights are usually used for interior decoration because of its innovative features and sleek look. Users prefer using these lights because of its modern design, amazing illumination conditions, long usability span and ability to match with the multiple applications. To buy this lighting fixture, first check out the price online to step ahead. In this context, Nordusk would be the ideal choice to find out the right LED panel prices.

Other than the lights, there will be many accessories to adorn and beautify the space like beaded curtains, hanging bells, flowers and so on. Still, above everything, lighting will play an integral part for decoration because it sets the ultimate mood. In fact, adding lights can create a perfect environment in the room.

If the event is taking place in a pandal and you are working on a theme puja then the idea of installing LED flood lights will be the best idea. As floodlights are high-intensity, broad-beamed lights and used to illuminate outdoor areas, no other option could be better than this. Such light fixtures will not only illuminate the area but make your pandal look bright and dazzling. Using LED lights will always be a good option as the types of bulb used emits a cool yet strong light

Trust me, you will not only save on the electric consumption bill but will add to several environmental advantages as well. LED lights are known for its no toxic elements and are more efficient than any traditional lighting like the incandescent and fluorescent lights. Other advantages include low maintenance cost, low replacement costs, high on safety, less heat emission, produces bright white light, free of lead, mercury and carbon emissions etc.

To know about the variety of LED lights available in the market, get in touch with Nordusk today. You can be assured of getting amazing products at the best prices.