LED downlights by Nordusk

Lights play an important role in decorating home interiors. And there is always a place for LED Downlights as they don’t consume a space like the traditional hanging light fixtures do. Also known as recessed lights, these lights are a great choice for large rooms with low ceilings. If you want to fill up a room with balanced ambient lighting or create focused lighting to highlight a special feature, these are the best choice. Recessed LED downlights are widely accepted for residential use because they are space savvy, energy efficient and low-maintenance. Donning a sleek and low-profile look, LED downlights work well with the simple yet sophisticated vibe of the modern homes.

LED downlights are designed to appear as they are the part of the ceiling rather than being attached to it. It is required to insert holes in the ceiling to install new light fixtures. But they should be placed thoughtfully and strategically instead of just littering them across the ceiling. Also, ensure to place the lights out of the diameter of the ceiling fan blades so that it can’t create a flickering effect when the fan is on. Nordusk brings a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting in Kolkata among which LED downlights are becoming an instant favourite to the buyers for several reasons.

Nebula Alpha A1 Square 9W Nordusk

1. Accent Lighting:
The Downlights can be used as accent lighting at the edges of rooms or the hallway or entryways where too much light is not needed. The purpose of the light here is to highlight paintings or photographs or some special features. Lighting the particular section of an area illuminates the space as well as enhances the beauty of the space without being harsh or directionless. This works well in bigger spaces like open living and dining area if you have some aesthetic aspects to highlight here.

Nebula D3 Round 5W Nordusk

2. Uniform Lighting:
Busy spaces in your home like a kitchen that needs a uniform pattern of lighting for sufficient illumination, LED downlights can be the best option. They can be installed as the main ceiling light source that is capable of illuminating an entire room. The downlights also go well with central pendant light in case you want some layered lighting in your kitchen. While not in use, switching them off will allow a soft pool of light from the pendant only. Know how many lumens you need for rightly illuminating your space before buying.

Nebula D1 Square18W Nordusk

3. Task Lighting:
Downlights as task lighting can be installed in the bedroom, bathroom, under the cabinet of kitchen etc. Directional downlights above the headboard or recessed ceiling downlights in the bedroom are ideal for using them as reading light. Nordusk’s dimmable downlights are best for bedrooms to control the brightness of the room while reading and while sleeping. Task lighting can also be installed above the mirror in the bathroom or bedroom to throw light on the face of the person standing under it so it becomes easy to apply makeup or shave. Installing under cabinet lights in the kitchen is also a good way to lighten only the space where most of the food is kept.

Nebula Alpha A1 Round 6W by Nordusk

So, now you know how to use LED downlights for different purposes in different spaces of your home. Start shopping the best lights that suit your need or you can also buy LED downlights online.