Designed specifically for the high ceilings and large areas, LED Highbay lights are being extensively used in the commercial and industrial environment. In places like factories, warehouses, auditoriums etc, LED high-bay lights are considered as the best lighting option. Unlike the traditional lighting fixtures, these are so perfectly designed that they can illuminate a wide area from a significant height without creating any trouble. Typically, high-bay lights are appropriate for the ceilings with height ranging between 20 to 25 feet or more.

However, LED high-bay lights are available in various configurations and hence, choosing the appropriate one solely depends on what you exactly need. You need to consider the following factors while choosing LED.


1. Luminous efficacy (measured in lm/W)

Checking per watt lumens of the LED high-bay lights is extremely important as it determines the efficacy of the product. Let’s take an example in this regard. You get two 100WLED high-bays, one with 100 lm/W, while the other with 170 lm/W. The LED with 100-lumen-per-Watt is capable of providing 10,000 lumens of light, which is equivalent to a 150W non LED fixture. On the other hand, the 170-lumen-per-Watt fixture will produce 17,000 lumens of light that is equivalent to 250W metal halide.  So, the high efficacy product will provide more light irrespective of wattage.

2. The Different Models as per the application areas

Based on the functional uses of the Highbay lights, different types of models are available. Here’s a glimpse of the different types:

Traditional High-bays–These are pendant style fixtures that are fixed with a reflector made of aluminium. The reflector helps in capturing the light and directs it downward, thus preventing the lights from emanating in the sides. The traditional highbays are attractive and at the same time helps in shrinking your energy footprint.

Round Highbays – These are popularly known as “UFO” style high-bays, which hardly need reflectors for creating a uniform illumination. This kind of LED offers more directional illumination than their traditional counterpart. Moreover, it offers a compact, design. Round LED Highbays can be effectively used in the industrial laundries, car washes, grain processing plants, and in barns.

Panel style high-bays-These are pretty sleek in terms of appearance and are quite capable of distributing light over a larger area. They offer extremely bright and glare free. As a result, they provide excellent lighting from over15 feet of height.

Linear Aisle Light- These are modern and sleek version of all the highbay alternatives available in the market. These highbay fixtures are equipped with effective beam angles, which are specifically designed for use between aisles that includes warehouses, wholesale club stores, large grocery stores, and so on.

LED high-bays are considered one of the best lighting fixtures for the commercial and industrial usages. However, it is important to take certain things into account while buying these products.