Urban dwellers usually don’t have the luxury to enjoy the bliss of an elaborate balcony. In most apartments, balconies are relatively small, and it’s hard to find proper furniture and decor for it. But we cannot leave our balconies to remain boring, right?

LED Lights

After all, it’s that one place where we can relax and catch the view of the city sky right outside our home, watch the stars and enjoy some privacy. If you too are keen to turn your balcony into a cozy den, all you need is some potted plants, chairs or comfortable carpet and some great lighting ideas.

It's wonderful to just sit on your apartment or condo balcony under the stars with no other lights. But sometimes, you may want the lighting to read, to create an intimate ambience or to entertain friends. As Nordusk brings you a wide array of indoor LED lighting, you will be spoilt for choices with amazing lighting options.

So, let’s put on the thinking cap and get inspired to turn your tiny balcony into a delightful retreat.

  Set the stage for romance:

Nothing works better than the calm and soothing illumination of candles for creating the perfect ambience of romance. The stylish LED candles from Nordusk can cast a magical glow in your balcony and better, a cool summer breeze can't blow them out. LED candle lights would be a viable option if you wish to have a permanent lighting system in your balcony. Groupings of candles can take the romantic aura in your balcony to a whole new level. It might look like an artwork that adds a sprinkle of “oomph” to your cozy den.


     Fake a campfire:

Open-flame cooking on balconies or having fire pits is nearly impossible in congested urban areas. But what if you want to go back to the primitive era and add a bohemian touch to your balcony right in the middle of a city? Recreate that campfire feeling with faux fire. Just wrap string lights around a bundle of decorative firewood and place it at a suitable place in your balcony. If you are hosting a house party, the campfire will surely grab attention and you will be adored for your innovative décor ideas.

Campfire LED

    Décor with lantern:

If you don’t want direct illumination and lights hanging above your head, create some railing lanterns by placing candle lights or low-voltage LED bulbs inside glass jars. If you have a larger balcony, try transferring an old ladder into a chandelier by hanging some lanterns from its steps. You can choose different glass containers for candles in every decor style and for every taste.

LED Lantern

    Say it with string lights:

String lights are one of the most popular outdoor lighting options for apartment balconies. They are fun, versatile and can be implemented to create any kind of ambience ranging from an intimate setting to a gala party night. You can wrap them up with rice paper to create the illusion of vibrant colours. You can also line them up through the railing of the balcony and voila! Your balcony looks nothing less than a set of a romantic fairy-tale.


     Make your own DIY:

Light DIYs are never boring. Add some extra glitz and glam in your balcony décor with exclusive DIY items. Make star lanterns with paper and fairy lights and consider adding them for a festive feel. Put fairy cut-outs in mason jars with little fairy lights and keep them on a small table in your balcony to spruce up the appearance. Or, create your own letterings with lights that say your message with style. Get creative and your small place can never be a problem to make it a heaven.