When it comes to creating a convenient and ergonomic workplace, lighting arrangement plays a key role to accomplish your goals. Appropriate lighting is not about brightness only. Rather, lighting arrangement in an office should positively impact the workforce productivity and at the same time, improves the workplace design.

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Over the past few years, lighting arrangements have been a significant part of the workplace decoration. However, existing concept of workplace lighting has been completely transformed with the arrival of a new era of LED technologies. Alongside the decoration goals, commercial organizations are keen on real cost savings and supporting sustainability.

So, when it comes to creating an efficient and productive workplace, make sure you keep the following tips in mind.

1. Ensure Visual Comfort   

Comfort of the eye is the prime factor that you must take into account while designing your workplace with LED lights. In this case, lighting designers must focus on uniformity. Unlike the CFLs, LEDs come with zero flickers and hence they do not create any optical strain even if you work in office for an extended period of time. The sole purpose of office lighting scheme is to minimise the perceived contrast between the natural and artificial light. With a sheer number of mood lighting coming into the scenario, the concept of workplace lighting has completely transformed. Nowadays, you can actually have a plethora of LED mood lighting options that set the perfect ambience for improving concentration and workforce output.


2. Focus on Energy Efficiency

With the introduction of modern LED technologies, you can now spare a thought for nature. Moreover, LED lights are cost savings, if considered from the perspective of its long term benefits. The commercial organizations are motivated by this and hence they are moving from fluorescent lighting to an LED scheme. LEDs with high lumen output offer optimum brightness and at the same time, its low wattage helps in producing lesser amount of heat, which surely improves the energy efficiency of the LED lights.

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3. Use Task Lighting Elements Along With Battens

Embrace task lighting in your scheme, so that it can further result in increasing workforce efficiency. Mostly, office lighting is two dimensional, so that it can create a perfect ambience for work. The trick is to use more localised task lights in each of the desks and at the same time remove the ceiling fittings and other ambient lights to lower the illumination level. Such an arrangement offers optimum level of contrast for the focal points, which prevents sleepiness and improves the productivity.

4. Opt for Glare Free Illumination

Unlike CFLs and incandescent alternatives, LEDs come with glare-free lighting features. LED battens also come with such facilities. Quite obviously, they instantly enhance the visual comfort. Not only they provide a good relaxation to your eyes and at the same time it increases your concentration level. The ambient LED lighting option comes with glare-free illumination, which is considered a great option for decorating workplace.

Nordusk LED battens

5. Use Right Colour Temperature

Selection of right colour temperature for different spaces is also important. For example, the lighting requirements of a cubicle or a personal workstation are different from that of a conference room. While the cubicle needs softer and localised lighting scheme, the conference room needs more brightness. So, focus on choosing the right kind of colour temperature while planning your office decoration scheme. Nordusk’s wide range of battens is exclusively designed to suit with the requirements of different colour temperatures.

Remember, office lighting is mostly intended for increasing efficiency of the workforce. Unlike indoor LED lights, the ones used in office must focus on creating the perfect ambiance that is conducive for improving workforce efficiency.