Whatever we do, we must always keep in mind that our child’s playroom must look creative in every possible ways. Their very own space should inspire learning, but ensure that the decoration isn’t dull and dreary. You must known that kids love the creative environment that emulates fun and entertainment. So, it’s crucial to pick the appropriate lighting for your kid’s room.

Indoor LED Lights

Getting perfect lighting will not just illuminate the place but would do more than that. Setting the right tone will actually complement the style of your room. Right from a dramatic floor lamp to a unique hanging pendant light, there are plenty of indoor LED lighting options available in the market.

Indoor LED Lights

Here are some bright ideas that would help you lit up your child’s room:

Pick Up the Right Size of Lighting Pieces

If your kid’s room is short on space, try and opt for a smaller table lamp or floor lamp in order to create an illusion of a spacious room.

Right at the entrance of the room, place a hanging pendant or a floor lamp to create a personalized statement. After all, this would set an ideal tone rather balance the rest of the home’s lighting. Make sure, the lighting you are setting, helps you to get an accurate reflection as a whole.

LED Tube Lights

Variety of Lighting Options

Keeping a handy light especially for the night is very important so that it doesn’t become pitch black. Preferably a night light with a plug would be a good option.

When it’s a kid’s room some kind of task lighting if possible a desk lamp or a reading lamp would do. This would help your child to do his/her homework and other works like reading story books, artwork etc.

To get your own customized look you can easily mix and match the table lamp with different lamp shades. Needless to say, that, creating or designing light bulbs will always out shadow the ready-made lighting options.


Night Lights Keep Certain Areas Illuminated

As kids never stay in one particular place, there are possibilities of accidents especially during the night. So, bring in a plug-in night light and place them by the stairs.

Night lights are necessary so that the same prevents you from stubbing or stumping furniture or any toys scattered here and there.

 Nordusk Night Bulb

Get Hanging Pendants

Use smaller pendant lights that can be hung lower and on the other hand the larger lights can be hung higher. If the home has remarkably high ceilings, opt for larger hanging pendants. For the 8-foot high ceiling, your hanging pendants must be hung at least 12-20 inches from the room’s ceiling.

With the arrival of LED lights into the scene, a plethora of designer alternatives are available in the market. Choose the one that suits the existing decor theme of your kid’s room.