Are you still counting on the sun and the moon to help illuminate that beautiful landscape of yours? If yes, then you are missing out on the potential of creating a landscape so beautiful that would put all other landscape desktop screensavers to shame.

The first step before you buy the lights is to ask yourself what the purpose of the landscape is. With the many lighting options available, lighting is no longer only meant for illumination. Depending on your purpose, the kind of lighting you should buy also changes. Here are some ideas that can level up your landscaping game:

  1. Pathway lighting: The aim is to select lights that will illuminate the pathway for it to be visible but not make it too bright either. Calm, soft lights from LED strip lights can be a beautiful addition. If installed in a way that the strip is hidden, the pathway will have a glowing outline. Using short lanterns or lamps placed at a distance from each other is also a go-to look.

  2. String lights: Step up your landscape lighting with string lights. Ideal for creating a warm and welcoming ambiance, string lights can be hung on backyard fences, left hanging above the seating area, or even on random places that could use some lighting.

  3. Deck wall lighting: Your outdoor deck/verandah is also a part of your landscape. Our advice is to opt for pretty scones that can be a showpiece and add to your house’s ambiance. Using lanterns on deck walls or pillars adds a sophisticated cottage vibe as well. Sensor lighting is also a practical lighting solution that is ideal for verandahs. 

  4. Spotlights: It is important to have spotlights in your landscape lighting if you have ornamental features in your garden. Fountains, sculptures, and other attractive features could be highlighted with the use of spotlights.

  5. Floor lamps: If you have an outdoor reading spot or a place you like spending some time with your loved ones, those spots could use a floor lamp that goes with the rest of the outdoor ambiance. Place it next to a cozy chair and you have your favourite therapeutic spot in the middle of nature.

Apart from these general lighting ideas, you could always play around with the many landscape lighting options available to find what best suits your personal outdoor mood. Check out the range of outdoor lighting options at Nordusk for landscape lighting ideas that could give your yard a makeover.