It is no secret that LEDs are the preferred lighting source because of their brighter lighting and lasting life. But are you aware of the positive impact you would create on the environment by switching to LED lights?

Environmental issues were at an all-time high until a pandemic hit us. Since then, people have been staying at home which resulted in a decreased pollution caused by cars and air travel. The worldwide lockdown helped reduce carbon emissions more than the world has seen since World War 2. 

While this sounds like good news, an unforeseen problem with everyone restricted to their houses 24/7 was the use of electricity at home. When the four walls of your home became your new office, gym, and whatnot, the switches were never really flipped down. The use of incandescent lighting and other traditional lighting added to the carbon emissions. Here are 5 reasons why you should make the switch to LED lights this Earth Day. 

  1. Reducing waste: Apart from not making you buy new lights every now and then, reducing your expenses, LED lights can last up to 20 times longer than other conventional options. This means lesser landfill waste, reducing carbon footprint with decreased factory production, and even reducing the resources used for packaging and transportation.

  2. Energy-saving: LEDs use less wattage while ensuring high brightness. A reduced wattage use will result in decreased greenhouse gas emissions. We remember our 8th-grade science lessons, right?

  3. No toxic chemicals: The issue with using fluorescent lighting is that they represent about 80% of mercury content in the lighting market. This means that every time one of them is disposed of, the number of toxic chemicals dumped adds up as well. Make the switch to LED to help with reducing toxic chemicals in landfills.

  4. Eco-friendly: Apart from being toxic chemical-free, LED lights are also 100% recyclable. They also produce little to no UV emissions and infrared lights. 

In 2019, India saved nearly 7 billion units of electricity by switching to LED lights. This Earth Day, make the smart choice and browse through Nordusk’s collection of LED lights. Make the switch for a better tomorrow.    

Nordusk is proud in leading the charge of creating a greener and brighter future for everyone.