When it comes to road safety, LED lights are highly favoured these days. Unlike the conventional fluorescent lights, LEDs are bright, glare free and provide uniform lighting output. No wonder, why LED street lights are so popular. In fact, LED lighting solution comes with a bevy of benefits and here’s why the government is investing in LED street lights to ensure road safety.

LED Street Lights

Long Lives

The usual street lights and the incandescent bulbs that you saw earlier have very less life span when compared to these LED lights. These lights don’t have any filaments that burn out after repeated usage; they don't emit any kind of toxic chemicals either. On average, one LED bulb offers 10 times more illumination than the conventional incandescent . This is indeed a wise investment for the government as they are highly efficient and have longer lives when compared to any other kind of bulb.

LED Bulbs

Highly Efficient

LED Bulbs consume very less power, but they emit very bright light. One LED bulb consumes 15 percent less energy when compared to the incandescent bulbs. The efficiency and long life of the LED bulbs is the main reason for their extensive usage in the street light. They consume very less power and also don't release the toxic substance like mercury like other bulbs present out there. These lights can be integrated with other lighting fixture to increase the efficiency of illumination.

Safer for People Travelling on Road

The LED lights do not have the capability of producing a diffused glow. Alongside they offer, glare free lighting. The light is emitted only in one direction, and hence the glow is focused at one place only. This will provide more safety for the people who are passing by the road. Some of the places have the smart LED lights installed, which will brighten up automatically when a person passes through them and gets dim when there is no one. This arrangement will save even more power than usual incandescent, significantly bright illumination is deterrent of the night crimes.


No Lumen Depreciation

The LED lights do not have any lumen depreciation. As the lumen depreciation increases, the lights get affected quickly, and their maintenance cost also increases but with the LED lights, there won't be any lumen depreciation, and hence there is no need of any extra maintenance for them.

Can Operate in Cold Temperature

The fluorescent bulbs need more power to operate in lower temperature, but that's not the situation with LED. No matter whatever the temperature is, these LED bulbs perform in a similar way. There is no need to worry about their performance in the winter or rainy season.


Precisely, LED lights are way better alternative than the incandescent or halogen lights, which are conventionally used as street lights.