There is no better feeling than walking into a well lit-up home. Lights have the capability of instantly changing the mood and vibe of your space. You can find many lighting options available in the market to choose from. There are different styles of lighting fixtures based on functionality that you can pick from to light up your space. But there’s one issue that is often overlooked, which is the lifespan of the lights. Overlook this and you find yourself going back and forth from the store to replace your lights. If you are such a person, then this blog is for you.



Listed below are a few ways to ensure that your lights last longer.


Use LED Lights: There are different lighting systems or technologies that are available in the market. The current best are LED lights. LED lights have so many benefits that include, energy-saving, pocket-friendly, longer lifespan, colour options, and good for health and environment. Unlike CFL and incandescent lights, LED lights last between 50,000 operating hours to 100,000 hours, which is 2-3 times longer. Compared to fluorescent lights, LED lights will reduce your maintenance costs and lower long-term operating costs. LED lights from good brands such as Nordusk LED, can last you up to 7 years, before requiring a replacement. 

Dimmable Lighting Technology: When you don’t need to use a light to its full capacity, dimming can help increase the lifespan of your lights. It reduces the energy used to produce 100% light. Nordusk LED lights come with dimmable lighting solutions, and can save you from the frequent store visits. 

 The Temperature of the Surroundings: Experts and LED light manufacturers say that enclosed light fixtures can affect the chip and driver, reducing the lifespan of the light. When fixing a light in a particular area, ensure that there is enough space to allow the heat to spread into the surroundings. This way, the light will receive proper cooling as well. 

Appropriate Capacitors and LED Drivers: Back in the days, plastic capacitors were used in LED drivers, which lasted a year and nothing more. This was because the plastic capacitors were affected by the heat and ambient temperature. But nowadays, ceramic capacitors are used instead. These capacitors are more tolerant of high temperatures and voltage fluctuations. 

Power Supply: Voltage fluctuations can stand in the way of your lights last longer than they can. To avoid your lights from overheating and eventually fusing, you need a driver installed that will allow you to control the supply of electricity going to the lights. To ensure your lights last longer, buy LED lights that have integrated drivers installed. 

Nordusk has premium quality LED lights that are ergonomically designed, glare-free lighting, come with two years warranty, more colour options and high luminous efficacy. Our lights are suitable for extreme weather conditions as they have a wide operating temperature range. All our products come with high-value surge protection. So, next time you think about buying LED lights, think Nordusk LED lights. We have a wide range of LED lights. Go, check them out and place your order now!