The lighting requirements of a household and an industrial space is completely different. When aesthetic elements are one of the prime requirements while choosing lighting for a household, functionality is the one and only requirement when it comes to industrial lighting. Industrial spaces demand consistent and bright lighting which are usually offered by industrial LED bulbs

Manufacturing and Warehousing, Food and Beverage processing, and, Heavy Industrial are the three major industrial areas and here are five rules to keep in mind while choosing lighting for these industrial spaces:

  1. Choose lights that are durable
    Industrial spaces are always buzzing with activity, in fact most spaces have a 24 hour schedule, with both day and night shifts. Industrial LED bulbs should be strong enough to sustain this rather demanding schedule. The light fixtures should also be leak-free and corrosion resistant. They must be made with material that’s easy to be cleaned, non-toxic materials that will not chip or break on impact causing potential hazards. 

  2. Opt for lights with high luminous capacity:
    The types of tasks performed in industrial areas vary from industry to industry and that’s why lighting solutions need to be customized too. However, irrespective of the function of the space or the complexity of the task being performed, high luminous capacity is a basic requirement of every industrial space. 

  3. Choose lights that also have dimming options:
    The instant dimming and turn on-off capabilities of modern day LED systems allow for a more efficient utilization of electricity in an industrial space. This is an important feature, especially during maintenance cycles which is the only downtime that companies allow for. This also helps in lighting ‘office areas’ on the shop floors which are not in use during night shifts.

  4. Pick lights that offer energy-savings:
    Industrial spaces demand a lot of energy and drive up the electricity bills. LED lights from providers like Nordusk guarantee energy savings up to even 80% and that will help in saving more than a few bucks in the process. 

  5. Invest in lights that withstand extreme temperature:
    Heavy industrial plants are extremely hot environments that often exceed even the average temperatures. LED chips and driver electronics are usually extremely sensitive to high temperatures, which accelerate lumen decay and increase premature failure rates. However, Nordusk offers high-quality Industrial LED bulbs capable of operating continuously for many hours without failure at different degrees of temperature which are unlikely in many stand LED bulbs. 

If you are looking for industrial lighting solutions with all these features, Nordusk is the place for you! Check out the lighting solutions in here and pick the ones that match your needs.