Domestic LED lighting has been a game-changer in decorating homes. Be it outdoor or indoor, the variety of choices and ideas possible with LED lights are endless. While many different types of LED lights are commonly used in most households, outdoor LED strip lights are that one kind of lighting that has an endless number of uses to truly transform the ambiance of a house.

For indoor lighting purposes, strip lights are commonly used on false ceilings, under floating beds, around mirrors, and more. However, the ways in which strip lights can be utilised for outdoor lighting purposes are often underestimated.  

Here are 5 unconventional ways you can use outdoor LED strip lights to add a unique ambiance to your courtyard.

  1. Sparkling pool

Swimming pools usually come with some sort of lighting. However, you can take the usual lighting to the next level by lining the swimming pool with LED strip lights that will instantly give the pool a fresh and bright look. The flexibility of the lights allows it to be fixed around pools of any size and shape. Lining the swimming pools with LED strip lights also helps in projecting the edges of the pool thus avoiding the chances of falling, especially during pool parties and other events. 

  1. Drive/Walk-in through light

Sophisticate your pathways by illuminating them with LED strip lights along the way. LED strip lights highlight the features of your pathway in a very subtle way. The softer, diffused light gives a warmer ambiance than the traditional bright pathway lights. Moreover, strip lights help the light be distributed evenly, making it pleasing to the eye. 

  1. Line the balcony with LED strip light

Balconies, terraces, and courtyards are your go-to spot for enjoying some peaceful time alone with a book and a cup of coffee. Elevate the calm and soothing ambiance the spot deserves using LED strip lights around the area. These lights are not too dim that it ends up straining your eye, nor is it too bright to invite unwanted attention and noise.  

  1. Make the outdoor area funky

LED strip lights come in various different colours and this opens up a myriad of ways you can use them. For the next kids' party, try and create shapes out of these strip lights and place them around the house. With these strip lights, your creativity is the limit. Go bananas over the next party and vamp up the ambiance.   

  1. Flower beds

Give your gardening skills its much-needed attention. Flower beds or parts of your garden that have a cluster of plants can be easily highlighted by lining the ground with LED strip lights. What's more? LED lights can be used to help grow plants better as well. Talk about a win-win situation!

With LED strip lights, there are no right and wrong ideas. A long strand of LED strip light is like a blank canvas. How you use it to highlight parts of your home is entirely up to you and your creativity. From lining the entire house to highlight its architectural features to accentuating that beautiful old tree, the ideas are limitless. The only thing you have to ensure when getting an LED strip light is to get one of the highest quality.

Domestic LED lighting from Nordusk is long-lasting and energy-efficient. The best thing about the outdoor LED strip lights from Nordusk is that they don’t emit UV light, keeping insects, moths, and more away. Spice up your landscape with the Nordusk LED strip lights and keep the neighbours impressed.