Go1When it comes to Christmas decoration, LED lights are simply great. Read this blog to know how you can plan a wonderful decoration this Christmas while going green. 

There’s nothing like twinkly Christmas lights to set off the festive mood this holiday season. These beautiful and gorgeous lights not only decorate your living space in a fun way, but also create a stylish and contemporary setting that’s absolutely perfect for celebrating the festivities. With the arrival of new age LED lights, the Christmas decoration has received a new dimension. The reason LED lights has garnered so much of popularity in the recent times is its exceptionally less power consumption.

How LEDs are different?

Unlike the conventional tungsten bulbs, which are commonly used for Christmas decoration, LED bulbs bring your electricity bill way down due to their low wattage. At the same time, it lessens your carbon footprint. Moreover, the reduced energy consumption helps fight global warming. What’s more important is that the LEDs last much longer than traditional tungsten Christmas lights.

Here’s a look at how the LED lights can be used for Christmas decoration purpose.

1. Light Decoration on the Doors and Windows

Decorating your door and window frames can add a subtle touch of festivity to your home decoration plan. Work with LED strip lights and place them up, down and across the doors and window frames to create a festive setting. Bend and twist the strips if you want to decorate a corner space with light. You can even use automatic colour changing LED lights ( the colour range involves red, green and blue) for covering up the outdoor frames. Make sure that the Christmas decoration should be bright, non-flashing and light display.

2. Jazz Up your Balcony with a Bejewelled Chandelier

Adorn the chandelier with LED candles to notch the perfect dramatic effect on a Christmas Eve. While chandeliers are usually highly decorative, you can actually design it in a more fabulous manner by featuring a cascade of crystals flowing from the ceiling. In case, your balcony doesn’t have much space, you can even use smaller varieties of chandeliers known as mini chandeliers, to bring glitz during the festive evening.

3. Decorated Christmas Trees and Other Plants

A Christmas tree is an indispensable part of Christmas decoration. But with mini LED bulbs or strips, you can jazz it up more. Consider using miniature lanterns from the tree for a subtle creative emphasis on your festive decoration. You can also add red and green strips to pep up the decoration little more.

Place a big lamp as a centrepiece of your indoor garden in order to create a bright festive ambiance. Place small LED lights anywhere in or around the garden from the floor to the ceiling.

 The Benefits of Using LED lights for Festive Decoration

LED light fixtures feature a highly advanced technology that has finally found their way into indoor and outdoor decorations. Compared to incandescent lights, LEDs save the environment in many different ways.