‘Eco friendly’ is not just a buzzword, it is becoming a way of life and rightfully so! Given climate change, increase in carbon footprint and the effects of pollution have forced us to start rethinking everything we do. From the clothes we buy to the food we eat to the water we drink. We need to move away from consuming products to thinking about not just what the product offers but also how it impacts the earth we live on.

The dire need for environmental conservation has made us look for alternatives that get you the same or better results while being better for the environment. One such product is LED lights.

Lights are used everywhere. From homes and offices to streets and commercial spaces, the use of external light is consistent. Making the switch to LED lights in all of these spaces can bring about a massive change in reducing the environmental issues due to its environment-friendly features. 

Here’s how replacing all your lights with LED is the smart lighting solution that can be beneficial for the earth. 

  1. Energy efficient: LED lights are known for their high energy efficiency. It has the ability to save up to 90% of your electricity cost. It also burns a lesser amount of fuel to produce the electricity needed for LED lights.

  2. Plant growth: Unlike incandescent lights that increase the temperature of the area, LED lights produce a cool light. Using non-LED lights in gardens often results in curbing the growth of plants due to the heat emitted. Instead, use LED lights for gardens and outdoor spaces to support plant growth. 

  3. Smaller carbon footprint: LED lights produce 80% lesser greenhouse gasses than incandescent lights. When compared to all other lights, LED lights are the ones that produce the least carbon footprint.  

  4. Durability: Having a life that is 6 times longer than regular light bulbs means you will not have to replace them every now and then. The luminosity will not fade with time, allowing you to reduce carbon emissions.

  5. Non-toxic material: The factor often overlooked when using most products is its disposal. LED lights do not use any toxic material and hence can be easily disposed of without contaminating the earth.

What we love about LED lights is that they are not just better in performance than their counterparts but also are the most ecologically sound option. Nordusk, the leading LED manufacturer, has a wide range of collections for all your lighting solutions for home, office, garden, commercial spaces, and whatnot. This makes it highly effortless for us to choose the best option. Buy LED domestic light bulbs, commercial LED panels, spotlights, track lights and much more from Nordusk at affordable rates and superior quality. Make the easy switch to LED lights and help make a difference in saving the earth.