Are you planning a house party this weekend? So, are you done with the decoration? If not, it’s high time that you plan it now. With LED lights at your at your easiest access, decking up your space is not a big deal. Domestic LED Lighting range has brought a plethora of opportunities to deck up your space. Here’s a look at four different ways to make your home look like a perfect party space.

Domestic LED Lighting

Bottle Up the LED Strips

You must be having some old glass bottles of aerated drinks in your home. Recycle them into a light holder. Pour LED strings inside the bottles and keep the bottles in a line. Opt for multi coloured string lights to create a gaudy vibe. Start putting a section of these string lights in to the bottles one by one until you see a bunch inside each bottle. Now plug in this string light and see the magic unfold.  You can even get multiple lighting modes that put on auto or change from time to time. To add to the beauty, you could use bottles with different coloured glass, too. Place these bottles on the shelf, windows or on the porch.


Get Your Home Party Ready

We generally tend to decorate our walls with hangings or paintings. But, lighting them up creates an inviting ambiance. The versatility of the string lights offers us a lot of variety, which makes home decoration a breeze. You can use a tape and hang your strip lights right on the wall. These lights can make your room glow, just turn off the rest of the lights, when the party begins.

Nordusk 2

Hanging Lights Create a Visual Delight

Hanging LED lights and to add to the beauty of your home. Especially for the party days, fixtures like chandeliers, pendant lights work wonder. Simply put an LED bulb inside the fixtures and that’s it.  However, you can also resort to DIY alternatives made of paper, cloth and plastic to design your own party lights. These are available in wide range of colours and shapes. If you are making it yourself, you can experiment with the designs. Believe it or not, hanging lights can be the eye candy of your party. 


Light Up your Garden

Are you planning a party right under the sky? Well, it calls for garden decoration. LED bulbs and candles can create an entrance that looks inviting.  String lights moving between the plants or a tree can completely change the way your garden looks. Notch up a vibrant ambiance with jigsaw puzzle.  This way you can attract eyes and create a perfect party mood to enjoy the night.


Nowadays, LED lights are becoming a mainstream component in the residential, industrial and the commercial sectors.  From party decoration to the domestic uses, there are plenty of uses of the LED lights.  With LEDs properly arranged, you can notch up a perfect party mood.