LED lighting solutions have arrived as a really amazing solution in the recent times. It’s cost –saving as well as good for health.  Here’s a look into the benefits LED have to offer.  


The consumer market is highly cost sensitive and price driven. No wonder every business organization tries its best to bring the finest product at the lowest cost. That’s the perfect way to ensure that they will have a competitive edge over the other competitors. However, we, the consumers, have a habit of noticing the price we are paying upfront and conveniently ignoring the collateral costs associated with any product, such as the maintenance and operational cost of an item. While finding the perfect lighting system, it is thus quite common to opt for the option that comes cheap and will give a decent result. Hence, we still have a fairly large market for fluorescent tube lights, even though they reportedly consume higher power and can be easily said to be less efficient.

The scenario changed to a certain extent with the introduction of the CFL and increasing knowledge about the power consumption and benefits of getting lights with lower power consumption. Many households adopted the costlier CFL simply to have lower power consumption and thereby saving in the long run on electricity bills. This clearly indicates the increasing consciousness on the issue. However, the LED lighting technology (Click here to read more) adoption has become a completely different ball game altogether. Especially because of availability of CFL as an alternate choice that saves power to a great extent and is cheaper, LED adoption is still limited to a section of the households. But, what needs to be understood is that LED lights can save a whole lot more money as compared to any other lighting technology available at present. Moreover, there are numerous benefits to adoption of LED. Let us check out how LED helps in saving more money than other options.

    • Power consumption - LED has the lowest power consumption as compared to the luminosity of the lights. It needs to be kept in mind that the brightness of light is measured in lumen and for LED lights the lumen per Watt is the highest, even higher than the CFL lights. This greatly decreases electric bills.

    • Longevity - Longevity is an important factor when it comes to buying any product. LED lights have by far the highest life span as compared to any other available lighting technology in India. A higher life span automatically means better ROI. No wonder, LED is the better choice at all times.

  • Better health - Did you know that the wavelength of light or the warmth of the light (measured in Kelvin) can have health implications? It has been found that various wavelength and color temperature has different effect on the human body. Even several types of cancer also result from the harmful rays of indoor lights.  So, it’s important to have a proper consideration of every single factor while buying a light. With LED lights, different color temperatures available. Moreover, these are glare free and this feature is impossible to find with the CFL and incandescent lights. Choosing the right color temperature for your study will help you retain more information while in the bedroom having the right color temperature gives you a better sleep. Now, we all know, a healthy body and mind is akin to more wealth.     

Indoor LED lights might come across as an expensive investment at a time, but given the ultimate benefits, it certainly is the best money saving option.