The adaption of LED lights has led to a revolution in the lighting market Driven by energy conservation initiatives, rising consumer awareness about energy-efficient products and innovative product offerings in sync with the megatrend of digitization, Indian lighting industry is evolving rapidly and shifting from conventional bulbs to LEDs.

How LEDs are revolutionizing lighting sector?

Nordusk LEDs are versatile and can be used for residential lighting, industrial lighting, street lighting, office space lighting and much more. But why LED lights are getting hugely accepted in residential as well as commercial sectors?


Advantages of LED lighting:

In the past few years, there have been several innovations and technological advancements in LED lighting, which are helping to revolutionize the lighting sector. LEDs boast several advantages over conventional lighting. These include:

1. Highly efficient, quality white light source
2. Lower power consumption
3. Absence of mercury, no end-of-life disposal problems
4. Smaller in size and longer operating life
5. Instant flicker-free lighting that is infinitely dimmable.
6. Insensitivity to vibration
7. No heat generation

The rising demand for building and industrial hubs is generating the need for efficient lighting solutions. With 70% energy savings, LEDs with intelligent lighting management makes massive carbon savings and vigorously drives forward the further development and implementation of LED lighting technology. With innovations and technological advancements in LED lighting, it is redefining lighting system everywhere.

 LED Street Lights

Light control and monitoring:

Nordusk LEDs come with dimmers that control the amount of light being produced. Dimmers prevent the unnecessarily high amount of lights that might hurt the eyes and thus reduce energy consumption. Dimmable bulbs from Nordusk can change the visual appearance of any room by managing the colour temperature of the light. Easy switching and control of the installed LED fixtures are one of the most popular applications of light control systems. Check out LED Dimming bulb Prices here.

LED Dimming Bulb

Standardization of LED lights:

When it comes to replacing or upgrading the existing LED lights, lack of standardization creates a huge problem. It was quite hard to find matching replacements for the existing fixtures. Eventually, customers were forced to buy from the same manufacturer or supplier, which could be quite expensive. However, in the recent past LED manufacturers have started standardizing their products. This will help the light replacements hassle-free and also bring down the costs of LED fixtures.


LEDs in every gadget:

LEDs are not only an eco-friendly lighting solution but also result in cleaner electronics. LED backlighting technology replacing fluorescent LCD displays in laptops is already been in the market for a few years now. The idea behind this initiative was to eradicate mercury and arsenic from the product. LED backlighting is also included in smaller gadgets like cell phone and others.

LED Downlights

LEDs as high-performance decorative lights:

With warmer colour temperature LEDs come in different forms that serve different purposes. Where panel lights provide ambient lighting, cove lighting and strip lighting are used to add an ambience in a space. LEDs have explored innovative ways to achieve the same uplifting glow like that of an incandescent with so many added benefits. No wonder, why LED is revolutionizing lighting industry.