LED panel lights are gradually growing incredibly popular in recent times. As a lighting option for residential and commercial spaces, LED panels are way popular these days.  Built with low weight aluminum & poly carbonate frames and providing brightest illumination, LED panel prices are also quite less than other alternatives. Moreover, it offers a hassle-free installation.

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Advantages of LED Panels

  • Contrary to the downlights and spotlights, LED panels offer uniform and extended illumination. The panel lights are evenly distributed so that the farthest corners of any area get illuminated.  The lighting in the room will appear smooth with no distracting dark spots or overly brightened sections. Moreover, an evenly diffused light produces zero glares and is pleasing to the eyes.
  • The diffuser used in LED panel mimic the soft natural light from the sun (diffused naturally by clouds and the atmosphere), eliminate harsh shadows, offer larger expanses of continuous illumination,
  • With exceptional energy-efficiency, LED panel lights are often a better alternative over conventional systems. They produce a higher amount of lumen per watt and better life than the conventional lights.
  • One of the most popular features of LED panels is its discreet look. The trending edgeless ultra slim design as well as the suspension variant in these panel helps to improve aesthetics, occupant comfort.
  • Our new series Emergency LED panels offer higher level of security to building safety in a fire event or power cut providing emergency illumination.

LED Panel Lights

Parameters to Check While Buying LED Panels

While buying a LED panel, several parameters need to be taken into account.  Here’s a brief into it.

Lumens and Watts

This is one of the prime features that cross your mind when it comes to shopping for LED lights. Lumens determine the brightness of a light. Consider the lumen of your panel light while making an investment. On the other hand, watts are the standard of measuring energy consumption. Since the LED panels consume much lesser energy compared to the incandescent bulbs.

While buying LED panels, calculate lumens per watt to gauge the energy efficiency and brightness of the light fixture.

Unified Glare Rating (UGR)

LED panels are designed for high quality visual comfort. As a result, panels are the best fit for both residential as well as commercial spaces. Even in schools, colleges, offices, and hospitals, these lights are used. Panel lights are usually glare free, but  to  ensure the extent of  comfort,  you can check  the  Unified glare  rating or  UGR  of the  light source.  LED lights producing less than 20 UGR are deemed fit. While buying your LED panels, make sure that you consider your UGR carefully.

Types of LED panel lights

A variety of LED panels are available these days. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide variety of products. In most cases, LED panels are used for general lighting with limited adjustability.LED panels are available in different designs and capabilities. Choose the one from rectangular/square, round, edge-lit, back-lit, edgeless and emergency panels. But, whatever you choose make sure that it is complementing the theme and design of your application environment.

Color Temperature and Brightness Adjustable LED Panels

LED panels offer full spectrum of white light with uniform lighting output. They can be easily adjusted to cool and warm temperatures as per the requirements. In fact, they can be dimmed as well to meet the brightness requirements at hand.