There are many advantages of LED lights and one of them is their dimming capacity. They are not only designed to alter the overall mood and ambience of a room but also offers additional energy savings. 

Dimmable LED Lights

Whether you're having a romantic dinner or enjoying a movie night or playing your favourite video game – LED dimming bulbs provide you the flexibility to set the mood for the situation you are in. The growing popularity of LED dimming lights in domestic LED lighting in India is rooted in energy savings, long life, and new fixture options that enable them to be used in almost any application.

Considerations while buying LED Dimming bulbs:

Instead of relying on voltage to dictate their level of brightness, dimmable LED bulbs rely on a cycle of being on and off. Dimming capability is a key advantage that can be a factor in growing the general acceptance and use of LED lighting. There are a few considerations one must take care while buying them:

Check the application type. Retrofit applications are only compatible to LED lamps, and the control options will also be limited. Defining the application is important as it will determine how to think about the other factors in an LED-based lighting and control system.

Small LED Lights

    • It is the driver that dictates whether an LED product will dim and the driver’s performance largely depends on its compatibility with the dimming device. The driver must understand and interpret the signalling by the dimming device for dimming to occur.

Lights for Bedroom

    • LED fixtures can vary from cove lights to downlights and usually have an external driver. The main issue to be aware of is compatibility. In many cases, existing dimmer switches don’t work well with newer LED bulbs. Check with the driver or fixture manufacturer to be confident that you are choosing the right product.

Nordusk LED bulb

    • Select the fixture or lamp that offers the dimming range suitable for your application. The dimming range of a product, either a lamp or a fixture, is based on the driver. A good driver should account for the performance factors that includes free of flicker, pop-on, and drop-out. Driver determines the achievable dimming range while the control determines whether or not the best possible performance is realized in the application.

Nordusk LED light price

    • LED load may affect the reliability of the dimmer and overloading the dimmer can lead to operational issues. Consider how many fixtures or lamps you can connect to the dimmer.

Smart Light Bulbs

    • While there have been a variety of control technologies available for years, the proliferation of LED lighting has caused many applications to move away from the typical control choices used for standard incandescent loads. Therefore, becoming educated on the types of control technologies available, such as 0-10V, forward or reverse phase, EcoSystem, or others, will be necessary to ensure the proper pairing of the controls with fixtures that support that technology.

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