LED lights not only impact the aesthetics, but also help in making any space contemporary and stylish. Choose from the wide-variety of indoor and outdoor LED lights to achieve your decoration goals.


Lighting arrangement always has the greatest impact on the interior design. An optimum illumination not only changes the perception of a living space, but also helps in making a petite space appear bigger. The lighting technology has come off a long way these days and with the usage of new age LED lights, the interior decoration scheme has become way more hassle-free. From the most conventional fittings of chandeliers, now we have the smart solution with desk and stand lamps. There are strip lights to lighten up the dark corners. For optimum illumination of the reading zones, we can add wall scones. In fact, the right usage of LED not only impacts the aesthetics, but also helps in making any space contemporary and stylish.

Here’s a look at the lighting tips that you can use to visually extend small rooms and also making a space appear large.

 1.Use Track Lights Instead of Free Standing Lamps

According to the professional interior designers, the right usage of track lights can make any space look bigger. Instead of using free-standing lamps that are likely to illuminate a localized area, track lights can give optimum illumination to the entire space, thus making it appear bigger. Use small and beautiful track lighting fixture with multiple wall lights to create a stylish yet versatile appearance, to visually extend you living space.

2.Consider the Direction of Lighting Arrangement

For updating the size of a room visually, you must check if the light reflected from the ceiling, walls and floor are in proper direction.LED lights are already featured with high lumen output, but to bring out the optimum brightness in a small space, you must focus on using light from the right direction. An ideal way for small space lighting is recessed lighting. LED panels and spotlights can be used in the ceiling light fixtures to create the right kind of recessed lighting.

3. Focus on using Ceiling Lights

A great way to visually extend the small area of a room is directing the light to the ceiling with contemporary track lighting together with floor lamps and wall lights. Paint your ceiling white and use LED light with high lumen output in the ceiling fixtures to make the room seem spacious.

However, you must avoid placing ceiling lights across the middle line of the room. This kind of lighting arrangement can make a space long but narrow. The ideal way to place the ceiling lights is in a straight line across the corner of your ceiling.

So, if you are planning to renovate the interior decoration scheme of your room, to make it appear bigger; you must choose the right kind of LED lights and fixtures to design your space.