Lighting plays an important role in home decor. It can bring a sophisticated look to your home and instantly give it a rich and upscale vibe. It can make your home look elegant and classy. Gone are the days where standard light fixtures like tube lights were the norm. The traditional fluorescent ceiling lights are now being replaced with LED panel lights to improve the ambience. It is also the easiest way to increase energy savings at home. LED panel lights are widely used in both residential and commercial areas because of these benefits.


Panel lights last longer with lower maintenance. In fact, they last nearly five times longer than fluorescent lights. LED panel lights are highly energy-efficient too. They are designed with more flexibility to meet the residential as well as commercial requirements. LED panel lights are also used for industrial purposes as they are shock resistant and safe. These lights are environment-friendly and recyclable.


LED panel lights can be used at home to improve the overall decor of the home and in setting the theme and mood of each room. Using LED panel lights in the ceilings or POP in the living room will give it  a vibrant touch. The living room is the most used place in a home. It is where you receive your guests, the right kind of lighting will make the place look warm and inviting. On the other hand, bedrooms are private spaces used for relaxation. The lighting used in the bedrooms must be comforting as well as bright at the same time. Multiple LED panel lights in different variations of colours can be used in different areas of the room in a way that it matches all the moods.


The next room that’s most used in any home is the kitchen. The kitchen is a common family space. It should be well-lit and relaxing. The lighting has to be bright just like the happy vibes in there. The working spaces in the kitchen can be brightened up by using separate LED panel lights under the cabinets. You can also use other LED lights such as cove or recessed lights in the kitchen. Similarly, bathrooms should also be equipped with lighting that exudes comfort and safety. Warm lights go well with bathrooms as well making a cosy space.


You can also use LED light panels in the bottom of the steps of a staircase or spice up the overall decor of the home. Staircases can be decorated in many different ways according to your liking and creativity. Nordusk LED lighting solutions are known for bringing a sophisticated look to your homes. They come with high luminous efficacy along with a longer lifespan and 2 years warranty. They offer more colour options and dimmable solutions. Above all, Nordusk LED lighting has a wide range of LED panel lights that will fit all your requirements. Brighten up your lives with ones that make you feel home.