Summer is here and it’s time for some poolside fun! After a long day, plunging into the pool for a refreshing swim is the ultimate bliss a person can count on. Swimming after sundown leads to more fun and better sleep. And Pool lighting can glam up the ambience of your backyard and also improve nighttime visibility and safety at the poolside.

LED lights

The wide range of outdoor LED lighting in Kolkata from Nordusk and some well-thought lighting ideas can create sparkling effects on night-time water surfaces along with adding some beauty, mystery, and drama to the pool.

1. Underwater lights:

Nobody wants to swim in a pool after dark without underwater lights. A coloured bulb installed in the deep end of the pool can make the entire pool glow in any hue suitable to you. Multiple lights installed in the pool can create different color layers which look appealing as well as give a character to the pool. It is also effective for ensuring safety under water and noticing the stairs in the pool.

LED lights in Kolkata

2. Lights around the pool:

The walkway towards the pool should be well-lit for avoiding any accidents. Nordusk flood lights are energy efficient and come with wide beam angle and sleek design, ensuring high illumination. If you are arranging a party beside poolside, these lights are perfect to light up the area well as well as ensuring safety. If you want some relaxed, quiet and peaceful ambience - surround the pool with soft, warm LED candles from Nordusk. But, this idea is not advisable if you have kids playing outside.

LED dimming Bulb

3. Lights above pool:

Decorative light strings above the poolside look magical and appealing! Hanging light strings across the pool area illuminate the pool as well as walkways, patios and more at once. These lights are useful for uniform lighting around the pool area. Normal Christmas lights will also fit very well here. Decorating with string lights is a great idea when you are hosting a party or event at the poolside. If the lights here are dimmable, even better! You can check for dimming bulb prices in India on our website.

Dimming Bulb Prices in Kolkata

4. Highlighting the special area:

The beautiful features of your backyard should be highlighted. Layered colour lighting can be used in the pool area as well as different part of the pool water. Different coloured lights for the main pool area, shallow end and hot tub can separate them from each other and add a captivating appeal to the pool.

LED Dimming Bulbs

5. Floating lights:

Floating lights can be used to decorate the pool for a tranquil look. The lights usually run on rechargeable battery and provide 360 degrees ambient light that adds a special charm to the whole area. These lights can be used in other places too other than the pool to enliven the atmosphere. Just make sure the lights are waterproof and durable.