The modern concept of decorative lighting revolves mostly around mood lighting.Nowadays, when it comes to decorating any space, be it indooror outdoor, a lot offocus isgivenon enhancingthe mood.And with the arrival of the new age LED dimming bulbs, you can actually brighten up anything, right from a romantic night-in to fun moments with friends & family.

LED Dimming Bulbs

No doubt,with so many viable usages ofdimming bulbs, these are highly in demand.But,the catch is to find the right stuff, which aptly fits your needs.Here arefive useful nuggets of information for you, so that you can buy the perfect dimming bulb with full confidence.


The Method of Working

The first thing to keep in mind is that the dimming bulbs, unlike traditional CFL do not rely on voltage to dictate their level of brightness. Instead they work on the cycle of being on and off. This on and off cycles operate in a matter of milliseconds, and thus, you won’t be actually aware of them turning on and off.For example, if you have dimmed your lights to 10%, they will be ‘on’ for 10% of the time and ‘off’ for 90%.

The Dimmer Switch

Take a note of the dimmer switch as it has lot to do with the effect of your dimming bulb.Usually dimmer switch come with a minimum compatible load (which means the amount of Watts it can process). However, in the recent times, you can get dimmer switches that are compatible with higher wattage. Such kind of switches consumes relatively low amount of energy, which also diminishes the chance of potential flickering.

While buying the LED dimming bulbs, check out if the product is capable of adjusting with different modes and ranges of dimming. Most of the time, flickering dimmable LEDs can be repaired by simply changing the mode on the dimmer switch.

The Installation Process of LED

Once you have the compatible dimmer switch, the installation process is nothing of a big deal. It’s highly recommended that whenyou are buying a LED dimming bulb, get a specialised LED-compatible dimmer switch, so that you get a smoother, quieter and flicker-free performance. Most of the LED dimming kit is available with DIY installation guide. If yours is not a DIY stuff, ask the installation experts to help you.

LED Dimming Bulbs are Feature Rich

If you are wonderingwhat’s the point in spendinga fortune on dimmable LED lights than non-dimmable LEDs, let us tell you that dimmable LEDs feature amazing technology that increases its efficiency &effects. When compared with their conventional counterparts, LED dimming bulbs come with long-term benefits.

• Consume 90% less energy, thus saving a significant amount on energy bills

• Last up to 20-times longer, thus eliminating the chance of frequent replacements

Quite obviously, LED dimmers actually help you save more than you spend on purchasing them.

Placement of the Dimming Bulbs

Thedimming bulbs will best exhibit its performance only whenthey are placed rightly.So, you have to be tactical with theplacement of your dimmable LED bulbs. It’s all about context and purpose. There’s actually no point of buying the dimming bulbs if you don’t have the appropriate place for installing it.You obviously can’t use it in the workspace or an area where you need extreme concentration.As mentioned earlier,dimmable bulbs are ideal for mood lighting. They areideal for living spaces and bedrooms.For movie nights-in or romantic meals, dimmable LED bulbs are all you need to set the perfect atmosphere.You canalso use it for highlighting specific decor items such as artwork or sculptures. As they lend a different level of brightness to the rest of the room, you can actually drawattention to an otherwise innocuous object in an impressive way.

And Finally...

LED dimming bulbs are highly efficient and canset the right ambience to fit with the frame of your mood. Get the right kind of light to make the most of it.