Outdoor Lighting

The basic purpose of outdoor lighting is not just about illuminating the space but maintaining the security as well. A good and well-lit outdoor lighting always makes a house look warm and hospitable. Proper setting of lights will keep the driveway and the entrances both secure and beautiful. Whichever way you want to design your home’s exterior, make sure you are aware of the lighting basics. Above everything, introducing LED lighting will be a good decision as they are energy efficient in comparison to the incandescent lights. These lights save more than 80% energy and have a long life span. Now, to choose from the wide variety of LED lighting fixtures, get in touch with Nordusk today.

To get a good outdoor lighting plan and also create a welcoming ambiance, all you need to consider is the basics of lighting. Here goes the list:


It is important to notice that the paths and entrances are shadow-free and well-lit in order to avoid the falls at night. Garden paths, side doors, entrances and stairs all comes in the list as these are a primary cause for injury. There are a number of ways to light up these places. You can install individual step lights to mount on a stair railing or can use LED panels/strips to add to the beauty.



Use LED flood lights outdoors for the safety purpose. It would be great if some of them have motion sensors so that the lights get activated as someone enters the property.

It is fine to turn on the front or the porch light at sundown and leave the same until bedtime. You might be thinking that turning off the lights might save on your electricity bills, but, this might question the safety. If you want to save on excessive energy consumption as well as maintain the security measures then LED lights would be the best option.

LED Medium Flood Lights


Summers or warm climate calls for some family time outdoors. True, in our busy lives, we hardly get time to relax which is quite important. This is why it is important to ensure that the outdoor space right outside your house is not just well-lit but comfortable at the same time.  Of course, an outdoor chandelier would add a touch of elegance but if you want to save up to 80% of energy and want longer lifespan then switch to LEDs, especially Nordusk LED.   

LED ECO flood Lights

If you aim at increasing the beauty and security of your outdoor space but at the same time save on your electricity bill then invest in LED fixtures. So, what are you waiting for? Complete the entire outdoor lighting plan of your house by introducing the LED lights from Nordusk today.