How much light is too much light for a room? Lighting is an incredibly important part of home décor. Every room at our home serves different purposes. So, the lighting requirement of each room differs from the others depending on the activities and tasks performed there. When it comes to choosing proper light for a room, it needs to be not just aesthetically appealing, but functional too. LED lighting is known for its immense variety and there are different options of lamps and luminaries to provide the perfect illumination into your interior.

LED Lighting Guide To Deck Up Each Room In Your Home Interior

While picking up the right light, it is very important to keep in mind the combination of three basic layers of lighting – ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. The next job is choosing the right colour temperature. Nordusk brings a wide range of domestic LED Lighting in India that are also available in different colour temperatures, suitable to meet every lighting purpose of your interior. Warm white lights tend to produce a relaxing effect while cool white light enhances awareness. Neutral white lights are perfect for concentrating for a long time without feeling stressed.

So, here are the tips and tricks for the right application of indoor LED lighting for every room in the house:

1. Bedroom:

Bedroom atmosphere should be calm, relaxing and peaceful. It should not be overly lit. Add multiple small lighting points with dimmers for a pretty yet relaxing vibe. Dimming bulbs can control the light levels so you can change the illumination according to your mood. If you are a night time reader, consider having a task light. Use accent lighting if you have some art piece or photo frame to display. You can also use Nordusk LED night bulbs as floor light that are available in many soothing colours. Avoid installing lights directly over the bed.

Nordusk LED Bedroom Light

2. Living Room:

We spend the most of our time in living room and that’s where all the activities happen. Opt for a mix of light sources in the living room to suit and adapt to different purposes. Basic ambient lighting is a must for living room along with multiple layered lighting with dimmable lights. Gorgeous floor lamps can enhance the aesthetic appeal but, if you don’t have much floor space, go for wall lamps. Install adjustable spotlights to highlight artwork or family photographs. While installing the lights, make sure there is no glare on TV screen.

Nordusk LED Living Room Light

3. Kitchen:

Kitchens should be well-lit as it is the busiest space of our home. Plenty of ambient light supplemented by task lighting will make it easy to stay alert and accomplish the tasks easily. Overhead fixture with a warmer colour temperature like - a chic pendant light or chandeliers can be useful to highlight a kitchen island or breakfast nook. A combination of overhead and under cabinet lights will add the desired visual appeal in the kitchen that includes functionality and aesthetics.

Nordusk LED Kitchen Light

 4. Bathroom:

While lighting a bathroom, there is no alternative for bright illumination. Modern bathroom lighting needs to ensure safety, functionality and aesthetics. Shadow-free bright illumination is needed for cleaning purposes, shaving, applying makeup or other similar daily tasks. Recessed lighting can provide a glare-free look. Placing lights on top or both side of mirror, directed towards your face will serve good purpose. Pendant light hung from the ceiling or wall scones can also be helpful.

Nordusk LED Bathroom Light

5. Home office:

Home office or little workstation at home has now become a necessity. The lighting in home office should help you stay focussed and thus maximize productivity. Cool white lights resembling daylight increase serotonin production that makes us stay alert and energized. Task lighting plays the most important role in home offices. If the place is naturally lit, ambient lighting will not be necessary. Make sure the lights do not create unwanted glares on your computer screen.

LED Office Light Panel