Bored with your dull and not so functional bedroom? It is time to make some changes that will not only provide functionality but will instantly make your bedroom look like a piece of art.

Bored with your dull and not so functional bedroom? It is time to make some changes that will not only provide functionality but will instantly make your bedroom look like a piece of art. While you can buy new furniture or repaint your bedroom, the game-changer here is the lighting of the room. And everyone knows changing your lighting in the bedroom can be a bit heavy on the pocket. So here are a few lighting options that can make your bedroom look beautiful and functional on a budget. 

  1. Panel Lights: Since your bedroom is a very personal space and you will be spending hours unwinding and indulging in activities like reading or listening to music, you should plan your lighting well. It is ideal to start from the foundation or basic lighting source of your bedroom. Ensure there is enough natural light entering your room. Apart from that, you should carefully pick artificial ambient lighting for your bedroom. The best affordable ambient lighting for your bedroom is panel lighting

When buying panel lights, ensure you buy Nordusk panel lights only. They provide a soft and uniform light that is much needed in your bedroom and will make an impressive style statement. There is a range of panel lights available at Nordusk in different shapes, offering high efficiency, integrated PF driver and zero glare. Nordusk’s Nebula Tritanium is the best choice for your bedroom as you can change the colour of the light from warm white to natural light to cool light. This option will help you transition through the day. 

  1. Bedside Wall Lights: Nothing adds more drama to your space than a bedside lamp. Choose a lovely bedside wall light fixture or a pendant light that is placed on either side of the bed. For this type of lighting option, you can choose Nordusk Nova Ultra bulb or Nova C4 (LED candle lights). Both offer a pleasing effect and enhance your space. While the sleek design, flexibility and versatility of the LED candle make it a great choice for your bedside wall light. The Nova Tri-Tanium bulb allows you to choose your desired light colour while reading.

  1. Strip Lights: Sure there are corners in your room that look aesthetically better than the rest of the room. To draw attention to your favourite corners in your bedroom, you can use strip lights. These are inexpensive but instantly make the corner stand out. Whether you want to highlight your bookshelf or a beautifully textured headboard, strip lights are a way to do that. Nordusk LED has a variety of colours that you can choose from. There is red, blue, green, cool white and warm white. These strip lights at Nordusk are available with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing, which makes it easy to install in any space and platform. Did someone say vanity on a budget! yes!

  1. Night Light: Last but not least, is the night light, as nothing says sleep well than a soft soothing night light. It not only helps you fall asleep but also guides you when you wake up in the middle of the night. Nordusk night bulbs are glare-free and are available in different colours like red, blue, green, orange, yellow and white. It is a 0.5-watt bulb, which is not bright enough to disturb your sleep but bright enough to show you the way to the bathroom or kitchen.

Lights can make or break a space, and it is vital to carefully pick appropriate lighting options for your bedroom, as you spend the first and last few hours of the day in this room. So, go ahead, and make it as comforting and relaxing as possible. While doing that, don't just focus on the layering of the lights, but the brand you choose as well. Nordusk LED has a range of inexpensive lighting options available for your home. So, next time you need to shop for LED lights, you know exactly where to head to.