Living in an apartment often means accepting it with everything it came with, especially if it is a rental. What could you possibly change other than may be a few curtains? Well, that’s where you are wrong. Making a decision to update your apartment lighting to LED lights can be a game-changer and your road to changing the apartment from house to home.

Benefits of switching all your apartment lights to LED:

  1. Reduced cost: Living in an apartment means having to worry about paying the rent on time. Why add to it with a high electricity bill as well? Switch to LED lights for cost-effective lighting. 

  2. High life-cycle: Speaking of reducing costs, LED lights rarely need any maintenance budget because of their long life-span.  

  3. Quality of the light: High-quality LED lights like we have at Nordusk do not fade over time. They maintain their bright light throughout. 

  4. Minimal heat generation: Most other lights waste their energy through heat. However, with LED light, there is little to no heat generated.

Now that we know why LED lights are the better option, let’s see how they can spruce up your apartment.

LED Lights To Level-Up Your Apartment:


You are bound to have rooms and corners in your apartment for specific purposes. Be it your work corner or your workout corner, they all require different kinds of lighting based on the area’s purpose. 

  • Spotlight: Used for decorative purposes, parts of your home you want to highlight like a painting can use a spotlight for sophistication.

  • LED strip lights: Strip lights in cabinets, wardrobes, staircases, create a unique ambiance to your room. Using them inside cupboards makes them practical and functional. Nordusk’s strip lights come in various colours and lengths for multi-purposes.

  • Panel light: For your entrances and other areas for a welcoming vibe, we recommend our range of panel lights.

  • Candle light: A well-lit work desk is vital. Using a combination of our lights including candle lights and LED bulbs will let you have more control over the light intensity during different times of the day or during a zoom meeting. 

Functional purpose or decorative purpose, LED lights always have a place in your home. Lead a smart lifestyle by switching to Nordusk LED lights for a hassle-free home experience.

Choose Nordusk LED lights to brighten your home with a range of lighting options that are not only cost effective but also attractive!