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There are many advantages of Light Emitting Diode (LED) that led us adopting LEDs for indoor and outdoor purposes. While talking about the many benefits of LEDs, the one thing that is mostly overlooked is safety. LEDs are revolutionizing the world of lighting solutions as they are efficient, more powerful, less expensive and environment-friendly.

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Normal fluorescent lights have a filament that is heated by electric current to emit light whereas LED lights are semiconductor diodes that emit energy in the form of light when they are turned on. LED lights have been around us for more than 50 years and currently, they come in a variety of intensities across the visible and invisible spectrum of light and are characterized by intense brightness using a limited amount of energy. The demand for Indoor LED lighting in Kolkata is increasing for all the inherent benefits it comes along. However, questions have been raised how safe LED lighting solutions are. So, let’s dig deeper to know.

1. LED bulbs do not emit polluting radiation like other energy efficient types of lighting and therefore do not create any health hazards. Fluorescent lights emit UV radiation outside the safe range of our eyes and this can create UV radiation-related eye diseases, cataracts etc.

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LED lights do not emit UV or infrared radiation that can harm your eye.

2. Fluorescent lights may aggravate the problem of migraine headaches for those who already suffer from or prone to it. The electric current that reacts with the mercury vapour is not constant but instead pulses on and off very quickly. Flickering lights also cause headaches. Breaking of a fluorescent bulb means the mercury vapours can mix with the air and the neurotoxin can take a heavy toll on our health. Here, LED lights do not contain mercury and they are flicker-free.
2. LEDs emit almost no forward heat while traditional bulbs convert more than 90% of the total energy that used to power them into heat. So, only 10% of the energy powering the bulb is utilized. A standard 60W halogen that produces bright light to illuminate gets so hot that it can burn your skin. The high ratio of heat can lead to fires if lights are installed incorrectly or recessed into the plaster of a wall without sufficient ventilation. LED consumes roughly one-tenth of the energy to produce the same level of lumens and produces very little heat.

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3. LED strip lights and LED downlights are used to illuminate the tight spots like under cabinets or coves without giving much thought about ventilation. If the object that is getting illuminated should be kept at a consistent temperature, LEDs are the best choice. For example, wine cellars etc. There are plenty of options available for LED downlights in the market and you can also buy LED downlights online.

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4. LEDs are shocks and vibrant resistant even in a particularly cold environment. Also, as LEDs consume less power, they can function on low voltage electrical systems. This is safer in case there is something that goes wrong.