Lighting has an immense effect on everyone’s mood, be it natural or artificial lighting. For instance, on a rainy day, when the skies are grey and there is lack of sunlight, you tend to feel sleepy and lethargic. On the other hand, a bright sunny day will usually make you feel pumped up and ready to conquer the world. Likewise, the lighting of the room can change your mood as well. Mood Lighting helps enhance the space you’re in and boosts your mood. Appropriate lighting helps improve one’s mood and energy levels, whereas poor lighting has the opposite effect. Mood lighting is not mere décor in your home and has a significant role in your interior plan. 

Know more about why mood lighting is completely worth it.

Defines Your Space: When designing your space, the placement and types of lights used in your home should capture your attention effectively to add definition to the area. Softer lighting acts as a complement by adding dramatic highlights that enhance the space. For instance, placing LED strip lights between corners, under the furniture or behind photo frames can have a considerable effect in your room whilst adding a touch of simple sophistication.


Highlights Your Walls: Mood lighting is a great way to flaunt that beautiful piece of art or textured wall in your home, as it brings focus to what you want to showcase while hiding the remaining space. Wall lighting, sconce and recessed lighting work well for the same.


Emphasis on Decorative Items: LED spotlights are a great way to highlight decorative items placed in built-in units. It creates an exceptionally relaxed vibe in the room as well. You can choose warm and soft lights for the living room and bedroom, whereas cool white lights would be suitable for the kitchen and bathrooms.



Creates a Cosy Atmosphere: Lights that are too bright or too little light does not create a good look for any room, nor does it offer a pleasing ambience. To set a cosy atmosphere, warm and soft lighting is most suitable. Ceiling lights provide the right amount of illumination throughout the room that makes you feel cosy and comfortable. Spotlights create a similar atmosphere and can be used to light up defined areas in the room. For example, spotlights work great at a kitchen workspace. 



Helps Transition to a Calm Mood: After spending most of your day amidst different types of lights from outside, entering a home with softer lighting creates a smooth transition for your eyes and mood. Applying mood lighting to your bedroom can help transform your mood from stressed to calm and relaxed. To create a soft, modern look, placing warm white lights at lower levels in your bedroom will do the trick. For all those bookworms who love to read before heading to bed, a bedside lamp will help you relax while you read.

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