Wrong information stops us from making the right decisions and equally true is the fact that false information reaches people faster and more effectively than right information! Whether it is health tips, politics or even basic science. LED lights are no exception to this. There are so many myths that people have come to believe about LED lights that they just deprive themselves of bright lights, savings and contributing to making the earth cleaner and greener!

Don’t be one of those people, read this blog to know the most common myths about LED lights and why you should not believe them.  

Myth 1: LED lights are way toooooo expensive

This is a very common misconception among a lot of people. This happens because people check a price tag once and make up their minds. LED lights are more expensive than conventional light bulbs, but they also last longer! LED lights are long-term investments. They are energy-efficient bulbs that help you cut electricity bills in the long run. For example, Nordusk LED lights guarantee energy savings upto even 80%. In short, LED lights might be more expensive than the other lighting solutions available in the current market but between the long lifespan and less energy consumption, they are worth the money you paid.  

Myth 2: LED lights are too bright vs. LED lights are not bright enough

Some people feel like LED lights are too bright whereas some feel like they are not bright enough. Both are untrue. LED lights come with a wide range of options with brightness suitable for all purposes including indoor and outdoor needs. You will get ultra-bright as well as candle light lighting solutions according to your needs when it comes to LED lights. The trick is to find what works best for your space and then invest in the lights. 

Myth 3: LED lighting is harmful to your body

LEDs use a substance called phosphors. It is responsible for the color quality. The phosphors won’t leak even if the bulb breaks. On the other hand, it is not the case with fluorescent bulbs. When it breaks, mercury escapes as both a vapor and a fine powder which is highly toxic and harmful to the brains in children and fetuses. Now ask yourself, which one is harmful?. LED lights, especially good quality LED lights by Nordusk are safe and scientifically tested to ensure that there is absolutely no harm to the human body! 

Myth 4: LED lights stay forever

Well, LED lights having longer lifespan doesn’t necessarily mean it will last forever. However, good quality LED lights like Nordusk LED light bulbs guarantee a typical lifespan of a few thousand hours. If you’ve invested in LED lights that have gone out within a few days, there is a good possibility that the lights you got were damaged or not of great quality. Use reputed brands like Nordusk to ensure that you get your money’s worth.  

Myth 5: LED lights are white lights and that there are no colour options A.K.A LED lights are not fun.

Although the first LED bulbs were white, now they are available in different colors. In fact, Nordusk offers the greatest color options in LED lighting. Checkout Nordusk to see more of it. Whether it is a Diwali, Christmas or Pujo, you can pick from a wide range of lights to meet your requirements, from bright stadium lights to strip lights, Nordusk offers LED lights for commercial and residential purposes. 

Don’t fall for the myths and deprive yourself of a great lighting partner.