While the incessant downpours are constantly reminding you of the gloomy surroundings, you can always get some happy vibe right in your home. All you will need is the right kind of lighting. It’s all about creating an ambiance, and with LED lights in the scene, you can easily accomplish the decor drama successfully.

Indoor LED Lights

Talking about the monsoon, we should not forget that the season itself looks gloomy with everything soggy and humid everywhere. Even the most expensive wooden furniture turns our dull and drab during the rains. But, with indoor LED lighting, you can transform the look and feel of your living space. Invest in ambient lighting to craft out amazing interiors this monsoon.

Indoor LED Lights of Nordusk

Wall Sconces

Wall sconce is extremely common in Indian households. They are so versatile that you can even use it in a way you want. Mostly they are used for general lighting as well as for creating an ambiance. From filling gaps in the long corridors to illuminate any space, wall sconce can do wonders. For an experimental setting, use them in pendant fixtures. It looks great on either side of your mirrors. Avoid taking sharp edges, as it would spoil the pensive mood.

Track Lights

Track lights are awesome when it comes to create cheerful interiors. These lights are externally placed and they have exceptional flexibility in size and position. The best part is they can illuminate any part of the room depending on the direction they are moved. Tracks are great for living space and you can use it to light up your sitting area, and cove lights for the walking area.

LED Track Lights

Chandeliers and Pendants

Both chandeliers and pendants can notch up a beautiful decor drama. The best part about the chandeliers is that they bounce off light from its crystal fittings. As the light reflects a wall surfaces, it instantly create a bright ambiance.

Pendants, on the other hand are the contemporary equivalents of their glittery counterparts. Chandeliers usually look great in the high ceilings, but the pendant lights can easily adjust in low ceilings. Moreover they have a subtle elegance about them. However, the chandeliers are all about majestic exuberance.

Precisely, ambient lighting is what helps you from tripping over things. And, it creates the mood that you would cherish in your home after a hectic day.

Cove Lights

Cove lights can accessorize your room like nothing can. They are a form of indirect lighting which is designed to light up the ledges or recesses in the ceiling. They are great for the creating a subdued ambiance. Cove lights, if installed wisely can create the impression of diffused lighting with direct light up towards the ceiling. The idea is to create a pensive ambiance.

LED Cove Lights