Though lighting arrangement is always an afterthought when it comes to interior decoration, but a little planning can do the wonders. But, hardly could we think of something beyond the fluorescent tube lights while planning the lighting scheme. True that the fluorescent tube lights are offering affordable lighting solution for the residential as well as the commercial arena for quite some time. 

LED Lights

But, what about those constant flickering glares that tend to take a toll on your eyesight? Though with a decent longevity CFLs have earned a widespread adoption, LED lights are giving them a tight run on the basis of functionality as well as pricing.

So, let’s just weigh their respective functionalities and find out why LED lights make a better choice.

Energy Consumption
The rising electricity bill is the biggest concerns of the households nowadays. And a LED batten can serve the better solution to reduce the energy bill. LEDs are energy efficient compared to conventional tube lights. Hence, they consumed less electricity which translates into reduced bill. For example, a LED batten of 18 hrs run for 10000 hrs , while a CFL of 40 watt run for 5000 hrs.

Energy consumption LED

Reduced Expenses
If you are looking for an economical choice, LED light is certainly a better option, in spite of the fact that it is more expensive than the conventional CFL lights. Let’s say, you are planning on the lighting scheme of your home. Apart from regular battens and ceiling lights, you might need spotlights to add some extra pizzazz to a specific area. Now, as they come with 10 years more lifespan than a high quality CFL, you do not need to spend on replacing LED from time to time. On the other hand, fluorescent light have lesser longevity, for which it needs frequent replacement. This way you will add up several replacement costs from time to time. It is not the case with LED as it’s a one-time investment most of the time.

Heat Protection LED

Heat Production
Fluorescent tube lights tend to lose their brightness over time and in the long run end up burning some of its parts. Most of the time, the choke gets damaged. It happens due to the excessive heat production by the CFLs. Studies reveal that the CFLs produce thrice the heat of an LED. And in the process they often get burnt out. LED lights, on the other hand, produces significantly less heat and thus are less likely to pose a fire hazard.

Dimmable LED

Conventional tube lights and CFLs last for up to 5000-7000 hours, whereas LEDs can last for at least 10000 hours. No wonder, it can easily outlive the lifespan of normal lights that we tend to use considering it an affordable alternative.


The Prime Takeaway
With LED lights arrive as a better alternative, conventional CFLs are gradually taking a backseat and that’s quite logical. The wasted productivity and the cost of replacing and maintaining the CFL are now a thing of past. Even for reducing carbon footprints switching on to LED makes a prudent