The storm may blow through in one day, but the lights could stay out for a week — or longer. Aren’t we all quite familiar with the situation? The extended hours of power cuts is certainly depressing, unless you are a nyctophile. But, with an emergency light bulb your can rest your woes.

Nordusk Light Bank

Well, the concept is not very new though, but our Light Bank (our latest product) has certainly a lot of amazing things to offer you. And, it’s a lot more than just being an emergency light that you are already familiar with. Apparently, it comes handy during the emergency situations where the primary power supply gets disconnected and every normal illumination fails, but Light Bank comes with a host of added features that automatically switch it on whenever there is power cut. Basically, you don’t need to worry about switching it on once there’s an emergency situation.

Sound interesting? Well, our Light Bank gives you even more.

1. An extended lifespan

LED lights don’t rely on a burning filament to generate light, they can last much longer than incandescent light bulbs. It comes with rechargeable battery which can serve you for 5 hours at a stretch during power cuts. Unlike the emergency lights we are familiar with Light Bank has extended lifespan.

2. The brightness you’ll love

Light Bank is a LED fixture, which means it’s as bright as the other LED lights you use un your home. In spite of being an emergency lighting solution, it’s brightness is no way lesser. At the same time they are energy efficient that helps reducing carbon footprints at the same time. Their brightness is unparalleled, and they can easily be seen from maximum viewing distances. Simply put, LED Light Bank will provide you the optimum brightness with uniform lighting output during the hours of emergency.

The Prime Takeaway

  • Emergency Light Bank provides you instant lighting, thus making it safe for people if main power is affected.
  • With a Light Bank, you no longer need to spend in darkness while repairing your main power connections.
  • Emergency lighting is easy to set up, and comes with a rechargeable battery which is extremely effective during an emergency.

Ideal for everyday use, our emergency light bulb Light Bank comes with 1 year manufacturing warranty.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get rid of power cut woes. Get yours now from our online store.