‘You won’t get it. You are a tubelight’. Admit it, we all have faced this.


After switching on, you need to have the patience for at least 2-3 seconds while it will flicker. Conventional tubelights have been around for decades and we are kind of got accustomed to its various shortcomings. Whenever it fails to light up or lose brightness or continue to flicker for eternity, we blame the starter or the choke and then continue to tolerate it.

But why? Isn’t there a solution?

Yes, there is. Switch to T8 LED battens which offer high lumen efficacy with huge energy and cost savings. LED T8 battens in India have yet not gained the widespread adoption. Though they are far more efficient and durable alternative to conventional tubes.

Let’s give you some compelling reasons to replace your age-old tubelights with advanced T8 LED battens:

1.    Less Energy Consumption:

Energy consumption is one of the strongest deciding factors of what kind of appliance or lighting would be used in a household or stores. We tend to go for energy efficient appliances while buying refrigerators, ACs or geysers but never think to replace the old conventional tubelights with LED battens because not many are familiar with the potential savings. The annual consumption of a t12 fluorescent tube is much higher than a t8 equivalent LED tube.

2.    Cost Saving:

Less energy consumption means less electricity bill. LED Batten saves over twice the cost of a tubelight. LED T5 battens and LED T8 battens in India are expensive but they have a longer lifetime and thus save energy for a longer period of time. Here fluorescent bulbs are an easy sell because of lower capital costs and shorter paybacks. We should not forget that replacing the higher number of tubes in a property means higher the annual price. And there is potential for both energy and operating cost saving with LED battens.

3.    Longer Lifespan:

The average lifespan of most fluorescent bulbs/tubes is not more than 3 to 4 years whereas, LEDs last up to 10-15 years. Conventional tubelights tend to lose their brightness slowly over time and even end up burning some of its parts. Emitting excessive heat often leads to damage. It is understandable that better the heat sink, better the life. A good fluorescent tube can die much early depending on the environment and amount of heat sink. That’s why T8 or LED T5 battens in India is slowly becoming popular.


4.    Greater brightness

Luminous efficacy is yet another important factor in choosing LED battens over conventional tube lights. Luminous efficacy is the measure of the number of luminaires produces per watt that is how much visible light is produced if we compare it to the power that is consumed. LED luminaries have inbuilt reflectors that spread the light in all directions are used in general purpose lighting. The brightness of the light is measured in terms of lumen and for LED lights the lumen per watt is higher than CFL lights.

5.    Aesthetic and environment-friendly:

All the parts of LED battens fit together seamlessly in a single unit. Unlike the conventional tubelights, there are no extra wires dangling and this looks much neat and contemporary. It also occupies less space and shines significantly brighter than the conventional one. Yellowing or darkening of the tubes is not a concern anymore as LEDs emit bright uniform light throughout their lifespan.

Unlike the fluorescent lights, LEDs do not contain mercury which is very harmful to the environment. Their disposal is also a major concern. As LEDs last much longer (about 10-20 years), their disposal is less of a concern. No doubt, LEDs are the greenest option available in all forms of lighting.