Lighting is the most important part of any space, be it for domestic use, commercial purposes, or industrial use. It not only affects vision and décor but also elevates mood and spirits. It is therefore very important to give due consideration to the type and placement of lighting depending on how space is being used. Lighting also affects the colours in a room. 

Here are some basic rules for understanding how to make the right lighting choices for your home.

  1. More light isn't necessarily better. In some spaces, muted and softer lighting is much better than bright and a greater number of lights.

  2. A single type of lighting is not suitable for all spaces. Even in a single home, each room requires a different type of lighting.

  3. Placement of the lights is just as important as the lights themselves.

There are three major types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient lighting is the primary source of light in any room, it could be bulbs or LED Panels. Task lighting is used to help in focusing while doing a particular task like reading, painting, etc. Lastly, accent lighting is usually for décor purposes.

Factors to be considered before choosing the perfect lighting: 

Foyer: The foyer isn’t a space that needs bright lighting, so picking an accent light is good. A LED Bulb is a nice accent light that adds brightness to a space without being too overwhelming. Although, keep in mind that all foyers aren’t the same. If you have a relatively larger foyer, you may need to add multiple smaller lights to create a bigger impact.

Bedroom: A bedroom is a perfect place for you to experiment with lighting systems. You will need a mix of accent lightstask lights and ambient lighting. When it comes to ambient lighting, pick a bright light as the primary source and complement it with smaller lamps that can act as accent lights. If you use your bedroom to serve a dual purpose, then, adding a task light, like a reading lamp is essential.

Lights for Bedroom

Study: A study as the name suggests, is purely meant to read, paint and indulge in activities that need  bright lights. Choose task lights for such spaces, whether it is over your study table or in a personal nook you’ve created. While the study isn’t exactly the place to unwind or relax, if you’re working from home like the rest of us, it might make sense to add accent lights in this space so you can also get a few minutes for shut-eye during work.

Lighting System

Living Room: A living room is perhaps the best place to install any kind of lighting that your heart desires. From chandeliers to floor lamps; you can pick anything. Although, you must pick lights that make the most sense for your space. Hence, define the purpose of the light before you purchase it. If your living room doubles up as a ‘TV Room’, then a warm sombre light is a must. On the other hand, if your living room serves as a makeshift office, you need to add a few bright lights  that will allow you to read and write without any strain. 

White Lights

Good lighting brings optimism and good spirits into your space. Make sure you consider all these factors before choosing yours. 

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