Whether it’s your home or office, lighting forms an integral part of the entire decoration. With a range of innovations, over the past few years, the market of lighting has evolved significantly. Moreover, the introduction of LED lights has paved way to a plethora of options. Finding the ideal light for your house or your workplace, hence seem painstaking.

LED lights


So, when you are shopping for office lighting in particular, what exactly you should look for? The first things that obviously cross our mind are the brightness, shape, colour, fitting, and most importantly cost-efficiency of the product. But, have you ever pondered over the environmental hazards the lights may cause? A wrong choice can make you suffer several health hazards, some of which can be a persisting one.

So, we recommend you to invest on energy-efficient & eco-friendly LED lights especially for your workplace. Here’s four reasons to back this statement.

1. LEDs are free from toxic chemicals: Unlike the conventional CFL & incandescent lights, LEDs are completely free of lethal chemicals, like mercury. It makes LEDs environment-friendly and also facilitates an easy and safe recycling process. No doubt, it reflects both aesthetics and eco-friendliness at the same time, which further accentuates your productivity.

2. Minimal emission of radiation or heat: Often ignored, this is one of the important aspects of lighting arrangement that you should focus on. This is why, we always recommend you to invest in LED panels, as they do not emit Ultraviolet radiations (UV-rays), which turn out to be harmful for human body. Also, LEDs generate virtually no heat, thus eliminating the risk of burns or fires. This explains why these alights are always cool and energy-efficient. Considering the fact that LEDs emit almost no radiation or heat, even the experts often recommend you to replace the conventional tube lights with energy-efficient LED battens, bulbs and panel lights.

3. LEDs are Energy Efficient: LEDs outshine the CFL and incandescent counterparts in terms of energy efficiency. Studies show that they use 90% less energy than other light variants. So, if you want to brighten up your place and that too at reduced level of energy consumption, LED lights should be the ideal solution for your workspace. Since your workspace demands more light than the residential space, LEDs can well suffice your need without having carbon footprints. And with lesser energy consumption, you don’t have to deal with increased energy bills. It saves you overhead costs at the same time.

4. LED lights are durable: And finally, LEDs are quite durable. They are not made of fragile material, like glass or filaments. Instead, these are manufactured using a sturdy material called epoxy resin, which can withstand the weather conditions, vibration, temperature and even shocks. So, even if the light accidentally breaks, there won’t be any scattered glass particles to harm your surroundings.

To sum up, LED lights offer a budget-friendly approach to brighten up your surroundings, while keeping the ecosystem safe. So what are you waiting for? Make a smart choice and enhance your workspace with LED lights.